How you publish full articles in your RSS feed if you are using WordPress

If you are a blogger you can increase your traffic by getting linked from major websites that use the Twingly Blogstream widget.

In this post we explained in detail what you need to do to get visitors from leading e-commerce, news and event websites.

One requirement is that you publish your blog posts in full length via RSS, because RSS is what we crawl to find out whether you have linked to one of the websites using Twingly (which in turn can give you the backlink you were longing for).

So if you regularly link to our Twingly partners and want to get backlinks from them, you should check if your blog’s RSS feed shows full articles or only the first few lines.

For WordPress, the most common blogging platform, it’s easy to change from short to full feed: Simply go to your Settings control, click on “reading” and scroll to the section “For each article in a feed, show”. Here you can choose between “Full text” or “Summary”.

Make sure you select “Full text”. Summary only shows the first 55 words of each article, so if the link to one of the Twingly partner websites isn’t located in the first 55 words, we won’t see it and you won’t get your backlink.

This by the way works both for the hosted WordPress blogs at as well as for the self-hosted ones.

One thought on “How you publish full articles in your RSS feed if you are using WordPress

  1. 2 Creative October 4, 2011 / 12:06 pm

    Thanks for the article! Good to know about the 55 words and make sure that the backlinks works.

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