How to use Twitter without reading about football

Some weeks ago we wrote about 8 essential Twitter tools to enhance and improve your Twitter experience. On Twitter, I just stumbled upon a nice little browser app that we didn’t mention back then, but that could be very interesting for all those of you who really can’t get used to the fact that your Twitter timeline is dominated by football enthusiasts these days – which is very likely the case for most of you.

Fortunately, there is a site called GTFO of My Twitter Feed. You probably can guess what the first four letters stand for. This free service let’s you choose one or several keywords, hashtags, usernames or even webservices which you don’t want to see mentioned anymore in your the stream of people you are following.

By using GTFO OMTF, you can temporally mute those tweets in your timeline that annoy you, like the ones with the hashtag #worldcup, without the need of unfollowing specific users. That could be smart since the worldcup ends on July 11th, and after that, even those notorious worldcup addicts (I might be one of them!) will get back to their usual Twitter business.

For benefiting from GTFO OMTF you have to use their no frills Twitter interface instead of the Twitter client of your choice. If you prefer a Twitter browser client, you could have a look at TweetDeck instead, which also does include features for removing specific words from your stream.

/Martin Weigert

3 thoughts on “How to use Twitter without reading about football

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  2. Jimbo May 15, 2011 / 9:31 pm

    I bow down humbly in the pserecne of such greatness.

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