How to turn any blog search into an embeddable widget

Did you know that you can instantly turn any Twingly blog search you perform into a widget that can be embedded into any website, for free if you integrate it into non-commercial websites like your personal blog (we offer paid licences for commercial use)?

It’s a pretty cool and easy way to show readers of your blog or website what the blogosphere is saying about a particular topic, keyword, company or person – or all links to your own blog. And since the widget updates automatically with fresh content, your site looks up to date even if you haven’t published any new content lately.

In order to get the widget, go to and search for whatever you want, for example “iPad”. Now, on the results page, you can filter by different criteria, like date or time period, number of inbound links as well as languages. After you have made your choice, have a look at the box on the right titled “With results…”

Click on the link “Get as widget for your blog”. Voilà! The code appears which you now simply have to copy and integrate inte the source code of your blog or website. There you have it: The latest content from the blogosphere, automatically pulled into your site.

In case you want to show your readers which other blogs are linking to you, enter the following syntax into the search field: “link:name of your blog” (e.g. “”) , filter if you like and then get the embed code from the box to the right (“get as widget for your blog”).

If you have a specific blog in mind that you want to highlight on your site through a widget, you can also simply type the following syntax into the search field: “blog:name of the blog”, e.g. or On the results page, change the filters if required, then click the “Get as widget for your blog” link in the right box.

For most blogs we even offer three “out of the box” widgets where you don’t even need to perform a search and filter to create one. You find those widgets on the profile page of each blog. Simply copy this URL into your browser’s address bar and complete with the URL of the blog, e.g. or (without http:// and www). This brings you to the blog profile page, and if you scoll down a bit, you see the preview of the three widgets. Click on the link at the bottom of each widget (“Get this widget for your blog”) and the embed code appears.

2 thoughts on “How to turn any blog search into an embeddable widget

  1. Johan December 20, 2011 / 9:39 am

    What happen with the “Get widget” option? I can´t find it in search result

  2. Anton Johansson December 30, 2011 / 1:03 pm

    Hi Johan! It was a temporary bug. Now fixed, so go get your widget now! 🙂



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