How to get your blog linked by major websites with Twingly

If you have been following our recent articles you may have noticed that there is a huge number of websites that uses our Twingly Blogstream widget in order to show blogs that linked to them (here is the full list of partners). The great thing for bloggers: They get an incoming link from a major website which can drive a lot of traffic.

If you are a blogger you might be wondering what you have to do in order to show up on our partner’s websites. In this post we provide you with a step-by-step tutorial for that very purpose.

1. Write a blog post and link to a Twingly partner
You write a blog post containing a link to our partner’s website that’s related to your blog post. It’s important that you link to the address or page where the Twingly widget is located, which most is on specific article/product pages.

2. Ping Twingly
You ping us. That means that you notify us that you published a blog post linking to one of our partners, which we need to know for pushing the link to your article to our partner’s website. Some blog platforms have a setting that allows for automatic pinging every time you have written a new post, for example if you host your own WordPress blog (note: Blogs hosted at do not include this feature). In this case simply add to your blog tool’s list of ping services.

Ping Twingly from a self-hosted WordPress blog

If your blogging platform of choice doesn’t support automatic pinging, you can notify us manually about your posting containing the link to a partner website. Go to this site and enter the address of your blog or the URL to your RSS feed.

Two things to remember: We index your RSS feed. If you only publish the first parts of your posting via RSS we might not see your links to our partner websites and your blog won’t show up in their Twingly Blogstream widget. So make sure to publish your complete articles as RSS. If necessary, you can change this in your blogging platform’s settings section.

Furthermore, sometimes it takes a while between you publishing a post and your site appearing in the partner’s Twingly widget. So please be patient, it can take up to 1- 15 minutes.

3. Your blog appears on our partner’s website
Our server notices the link from your blog to a Twingly partner and highlights your blog in the partner’s widget (which usually is located somewhere on our partner’s article/product pages).

Incoming links from blogs on
Incoming links from blogs on

4. Hurray! You get a lot of visitors from major websites

Good to know: People can and may report spam or abuse which moderators at the partner site could check out. If they come to the conclusion that it’s spam or something similar they ban the post. They can also ban the whole blog. So behave! =)

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  1. kentlundgren October 18, 2012 / 1:26 pm

    I want to automaticly ping twingly, but I do not find my blog tool’s list of ping services where I suppose to write . I use both WordPress and Blogger.

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