How e-commerce sites use Twingly

After having written about how the Swedish retailers Halens and Hemtex are leveraging the power of the blogosphere with Twingly technology we thought the timing is right to highlight some other examples of e-commerce sites and how they have implemented Twingly to enhance their content and product information. Hopefully you get some inspiration about what’s possible with Twingly.

Brandos is an online shop for footwear available in Sweden and Norway. On each profile page for a specific item they have integrated the Twingly widget for showing which blogs have written about the specific shoe. As you can imagine that’s especially useful for all fashion bloggers who want to offer their visitors a chance to order the items they blog about (example).


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Yomoy is a German web store targeting Gadget addicts (belonging to the Swedish Coolstuff). They as well as their Swedish, Danish and Norwegian sister sites have integrated the Twingly widget because they know that Gadget blogs are very popular, read by many, and so it was a logical step to pull blog content into the item pages (example).

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Lindex is one of Sweden’s most well known fashion chains. To encourage fashion bloggers to link to the items in their online store they placed the Twingly widget below the product details on each item page. They also adjusted the layout to fit their needs (example).

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Stadium, a popular Swedish chain for fashion and sports equipment, also has implemented Twingly on product pages and adjusted the look and feel to the websites own design (example).

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Ving & Fritidsresor
Even two of Sweden’s leading online travel sites, Ving and Fritidsresor, decided a while ago to join the increasing number of Twingly partners. Both have integrated the Twingly widget and enhance information about the trips offered with content from the blogosphere (example Ving, example Fritidsresor)

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Of course this was only a selection of e-commerce sites that have opened up to the blogosphere with the help of Twingly. There are many more, and hopefully even more to come in the future. If you have ideas how else online shops could implement Twingly, let us know in the comments.

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