How company, event and organisation websites use Twingly

A few weeks ago we showed you how e-commerce websites use Twingly to enhance their content and product information. Today we want to focus a bit more on “traditional” websites from companies or organisations which neither are driven by news content nor by direct product sales.

We choose five examples which all have something in common: They have integrated the Twingly Blogstream widget directly on their homepage, so it’s one of the first things visitors see when accessing the websites.

Formex is the largest meeting point for Nordic interior design and will take place in January in Stockholm. The websites for the upcoming fair features the Twingly widget very prominently and shows recent blog postings about the upcoming event. It’s a huge incentive for bloggers to write about Formex, which in return increases visibility for the fair and helps its website to improve it’s search engine ranking.

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PEAB is one of the Nordic countries’ leading companies in the field of Construction and Civil Engineering. On its Swedish website PEAB has implemented Twingly right under the box with the latest press releases where the most recent blog postings are being shown. If you want to see more, you can click on “Fler blogposter” to get to see a list with a dozen or so incoming links from blogs covering PEAB. We find that remarkable since PEAB is opening up to the social web and its transparency in a way that is far from common among companies from rather traditional industries.

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Hem & Villa
Hem & Villa is another fair in the Swedish cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. Similar to what Formex has done, the event websites highlights incoming blog posts about the fair at a glance – visitors don’t even need to scroll to see what has been blogged about Hem & Villa.

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We are very happy that even the Swedish branch of UNICEF has decided to use Twingly on its homepage. If you scroll down a bit on you will see a section saying “185 blogginlägg länkar till den här artikeln” – that means that in fact 185 blogpostings have been referring to the UNICEF website, and the 5 most recent are being featured on through Twingly. The integration encourages bloggers to write about this important aid organisation and about its projects, and it offers bloggers the chance to increase their traffic. Win Win!

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Norstedts is Sweden’s oldest publishing house, based in Stockholm. They have launched an interesting integration of Twingly on their site – each of their books listed on has a Twingly widget on its profile page highlighting which blogs have been covering the specific title. In addition, on their homepage they show a selection of books that are currently being discussed in the blogosphere – based on Twingly technology of course.

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