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There’s a great initiative going on all over the world for addicted Twitter-users right now – Twestival. It’s an event to bring together Twitter-users for some fun and to raise money for the charity:water -project.

Here in Sweden there’s events in both Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö and Norrköping. If you are nearby, stop by to meet the people you tweet!


In September 2008, a group of Twitterers based in London UK decided to organise an event where the local Twitter community could socialize offline; meet the faces behind the avatars, enjoy some entertainment, have a few drinks and tie this in with a food drive and fundraising effort for a local homeless charity.

The bulk of the event was organized in under two weeks, via Twitter and utilized the talents and financial support of the local Twittersphere to make this happen.

Around the world similar stories started appearing of local Twitter communities coming together and taking action for a great cause. Twestival was born out of the idea that if cities were able to collaborate on an international scale, but working from a local level, it could have a spectacular impact.

By rallying together globally, under short timescales, for a single aim on the same day, the Twestival hopes to bring awareness to this global crisis.

What’s coming after the Twestival. Maybe the Twarnival, the Twivoli or the Twiesta?

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Update (10th of Feb.): Kristoffer and Anja will be taking part in the Norrköping Twestival . They will show how one can monitor what gets written about oneself or what happens in the world by using the Microblogsearch. Follow @nkpgtwestival, or even better – be part of the elusive club of around 40 attendees, even if you are not on Twitter (yet). We really look forward to answer your questions and sharing a beer and some tortillas with you afterwards.

4 thoughts on “Global Twestival-time

  1. Jonas Larsson February 8, 2009 / 7:44 am

    Thanks Anders for helping out with spreading the word about Gothenburg Twestival –
    At the moment there are no tickets at the door. Follow updates on
    Now. Go and get you and your friends a ticket to the Twestival! On sale here:
    Follow us on Twitter:
    Best / Jonas Larsson
    Lead organizer
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  2. Anders Abrahamsson February 10, 2009 / 6:22 pm


    And thanks for the update. We really look forward to the high-end interaction surrounding this buzz sphere of social media landscape called “microblogging”.

    See you Thursday!

    co-org Norrköping/Linköping/East Sweden Twestival


  3. Novickarija February 11, 2009 / 8:56 am

    twestival ? awesome !
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