FOCUS-ing on blogs

The online portal of FOCUS, Germany’s second largest weekly news magazine, now shows links of bloggers that refer to their content.

We are delighted that the internationally renown flagship of Hubert Burda Media now integrates Twingly Blogstream , that way they would like to involve users and bloggers even closer with their offer online.

FOCUS got launched first on the 18th of January 1993 as a challenger to SPIEGEL and despite all odds – succeeded! Many tried before to get into that position and failed, however Focus’ concept proved to be successful and continued to do so over the last sixteen years. Despite ups and downs in economy and world politics it stands strong and keeps on tickling Germany’s media landscape with its innovative concepts – the latest of which probably being one of the first German media sites online that give it a try with integrating feedback from external bloggers with their content.

We are very confident that it proves to be a viable concept to them, too, and really look forward to supporting them in their further steps to come.

Anyway, always remember to – FOCUS. Not only when blogging ;).

3 thoughts on “FOCUS-ing on blogs

  1. wpSEO May 29, 2009 / 4:17 pm

    Focus online setz auf Twingly und bindet verlinkte Blogs unter den Artikeln ein
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