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Wow. What a great launch last week. Thanks everyone, we’re amazed by all the feedback and usage of the service. We love feedback and thanks to @jocke we’ve been starting to use again, so please feel free to talk with us there or simply use our feedback form. Also, we do of course have a Twinglyfied Channel where we wanna interact with you!

The most common question is “how do we find more channels?” and yes, it’s kinda hard. In the future there will be a catalogue and search for Channels but for now, the only way to find them is by testing url:s ( or if someone is linking to it in some way. This is an active decision by us, we want Channel creators to invite people themself.

To help you find some more Channels to check out, here’s some examples that not has been featured at yet:

Swedish Channels:
Sweden Social Web
Media & Journalistik

Search Engines
Cloud Computing
VC Blogs

Sociale Medier

Notizie Social Media

PR 2.0
Evet Ich Will

Journalistikk og Medier
Teknologi og Medier

This week we will let a lot more people start Channels, so be sure to fill out the form if you’re interested.

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