Fashion embracing blogs

Twingly integrations – part 1

Fashion sites have been fast on embracing the blogosphere. They are in general very good in supporting bloggers in the same way as supporting journalists in traditional media. They also stimulate the bloggers to link to them by linking back, as well as finding creative ways by sharing their pictures in an easy way.


Haléns, a Swedish fashion retailer with business in several countries, is on their front page using Twingly to show what products most bloggers have linked to during a certain time period. They also show the latest products that people have blogged about, which gives the visitors the latest buzz. It is a really nice integration showing pictures of the products.


Ellos is another Nordic fashion retailer that links back to the bloggers by each product. This doesn’t only stimulate the bloggers but it also gives the visitors additional information about each product.


Lindex was a pioneer in connecting with bloggers and was awarded most blog-friendly site in Sweden last year.

Not only using the same solutions like Haléns and Ellos, they also provide an html-code for each picture with a link to the product.

That makes it easy for the blogger to just copy the code into their blogpost. This spreads pictures of their products, and with more incoming links directly to their products, they get a better position in the search engines as well as generate traffic to their site and extra sales.


A more niche retailer is Röhnisch who just recently launched their online shop of sportswear. They have designed their new shop to make it easy to blog about, and are also using Twingly to link back to bloggers.


Not only the retailers but also fashion magazines are connecting with blogs. Veckorevyn is the biggest magazine in Sweden targeted for women age 20-25 and is linking back to bloggers by editorial articles and fashion tips.

If you have other samples of how fashion sites are embracing the bloggers, please let us know.

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