Extreme spam-free index makeover

Earlier this year we launched our spam-free blog search. Our algorithm for removing spam works amazingly well, while there still is a limited influx of spam but we can remove it very easily. Overall we have a very low level of spammy content.

Since launch we have improved the algorithm in numerous ways and now we are resetting the index to start over from scratch with the improvements in place. This means that for a period of time the spam-free index will be quite empty. It could take up to a couple of weeks before we hit the same numbers of approved blogs as before, so please be patient!

From then on, the index will grow to contain many more blogs than before. Approaching on the horizon is the point where the spam-free index provides enough coverage to make it the only available option for searching. The remake is one step closer to the end of the beta stage for the spam-free index.

If your blog was approved before it will “probably” be approved to the spam-free index in this update as well. Fact is, we’re going to index a lot more blogs this time so it’s a higher chance you’ll be approved. You can see if your blog is approved in your blog profile. If not, let us know!

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