Epic News: Twingly Channels now open for all!

Twingly Channels was launched in closed beta in October, which seem to be an eternity ago. Since the launch we have been working hard with lots of other stuff, like Twingly Live and growing our network of partner sites.

As of this moment we are finally able to focus on Channels again and make that focus laser-sharp on creating an awesome user experience and an overall great tool for discussing news.

Today we’re happy to announce some great news about Twingly Channels. First of all, now everyone can sign up for free without invitation code. So if you haven’t yet, sign up right away! Secondly, all Channels are now open accessible without login so you easier can link to it from your blog, tweet or website. You still need a login to comment, like, subscribe or post new links. And you will have to wait a few weeks more to be able to set up your own Channel.

Meanwhile, check out all the Channels already set up by beta users!

About Channels
Twingly Channels is the best place to find and discuss news. By following topics rather than individuals, you immediately get into a crowd of people sharing a interest. Every Channel consist of two views, Top Stories where the most shared and discussed stories are prestented and the Incoming view with most recent stories. Twingly Channels is currently in open beta. Sign up here!

4 thoughts on “Epic News: Twingly Channels now open for all!

  1. Per Pettersson June 20, 2010 / 4:08 pm

    Another epic news would be Twingly Live for almost every hashtag!

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