CNN study shows: Services like Twingly increase effectiveness of ads

Between June and August this year, CNN has conducted a global study labeled “Power Of News And Recommendation” (POWNAR) based on an online survey with 2.300 respondents. The goal was the analyze the impact of shared news on the social web from an advertising perspective. And the results are pretty interesting!

According to the study, brands benefit a lot from advertising in context of content that is being shared through social media channels. Users who received news articles from their social web contacts were 19 % more likely to recommend brands that advertised on the source website, and 27 % more likely to favour that brand themselves.

Another result from the POWNAR study is that video pre-roll advertising has a particularly high effectiveness when shown around news content shared in social media compared to display banner advertising.

The results of this study are indicating that it is beneficial for advertisers to be present on websites that are being shared through social media, and hence that publishers are recommended to increase the sharability of their content, which subsequently will lead to higher ad effectiveness and more companies buying ads.

Of course, this proves us at Twingly right for providing newspapers and other media sites with our Twingly Blogstream widget, which shows incoming links from the blogosphere next to an article, and which at the same time links back to the bloggers. This gives everyone who runs a blog a huge incentive to share newspaper articles with their readership. By using Blogstream, content sites not only do increase the number of weekly bloglinks by on average 250 % within a few weeks, they – according to the POWNAR study – also increase the effectiveness of ads shown on their sites.

CNN did also look at what kind of content has the highest chance of getting shared on the social web: 65 % of content analyzed for the survey comprised of ongoing stories, 19 % were breaking news and (only) 16 % fell into the “quirky or funny” category. Furthermore, the study found that visually spectacular content, stories about science and technology as well as human interest stories and money-related content are working particularly good when looking at the number of shares online.

The POWNAR study also proves what is already common knowledge: A small percentage of all people online are accounting for the majority of articles shared. In this case 27 % of all sharers account for 87 % of all news stories. Platforms most frequently used for sharing content are social media networks and tools such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube (43 % of all news shared), email (30 %), SMS (15%) and Instant Messaging (12 %).

So what’s the overall conclusion? Make your content as sharable as possible, because it will increase the effectiveness of your ad inventory and make your advertisers happy.

/Martin Weigert

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