Swedish National Encyclopedia enhancing their website with Twingly

We’re happy to announce that the Swedish Encyclopedia Nationalencyklopedin is launching Twingly on their site NE.se today! From now on blogs can link to their content and get links back, which we think are a great way to get the Encyclopedias content to live longer, get relevant comments and to embrace their situation as a trustworthy reference also in the era of social media.

For us, this is thrilling. To enable bloggers to show up with their blog posts on an Encyclopedias articles gives a whole new dimension to what’s possible with our product Blogstream. Nationalencyklopedin isn’t just a great customer to work with, they represent that good content always deserves the blogospheres attention.

How the Blogstream Widget looks on NE.se with blog links. Taken from the article about Nobel Prize Winner in Literature 2009 Herta Müller.

From the bloggers side, it’s a fantastic opportunity to get attention from the visitors of one of Sweden’s most trustworthy sites. Traffic from highly relevant articles on Nationalencyklopedin can also create streams of visitors to the blog in the future. The long-term value of a link in the Twingly widget on NE.se is hard to estimate but it gives definitely a longer lifetime to the blog post.

For Nationalencyklopedin the Blogstream Widget creates a context to their articles. Blog posts that gives the articles more life and trustworthiness. One of the things our customers see most value of with Blogstream are also the SEO aspect, which aren’t that strange since a often double increase of incoming blog links to their site  thanks to widget of course creates better rankings in Google. For a site like NE.se with thousands of pages with great unique content, every link means more traffic from Google. But the most important aspect of the Blogstream widget is the links to highly relevant blog posts covering and discussing the topic of the NE.se article. Nationalencyklopedin have the possibility to moderate and decide to not show blog links in the widgets on their site, to make sure no spam or irrelevant blog posts will be shown.

NE.se also contains a lot more than the Encyclopedias articles. Last year they created a quiz called “Historiska figurer” (historical persons) that went really viral thanks to the virality in itself, of course people wanted to share their results on Facebook, Twitter etc, but also thanks to the simplicity in the quiz. Everyone can relate to our most loved historical persons – and over 250 000 people did the quiz!

This year they wanted to make a new quiz that also could be that viral and decided to launch “Fiktiva figurer” (fictitious persons). It have just been launched but over 200 000 people have already taken the quiz! Go check it out and try yourself, it just takes one minute. We’re also happy about the fact that they have the Twingly widget on the quizzes as well 😉

You can find the Twingly Blogstream widget of nearly all content on NE.se: the articles, the news stories and the quizzes. Make sure to try to link to them from your blog and encourage others to do the same. It’s a win-win-win for everyone if Sweden’s most loved and trustworthy Encyclopedia also have blog links on their site!

We would also like to grab the opportunity to congratulate Nationalencyklopedin to one of the best corporate blogs in Swedish, Kunskapsbloggen.se. It’s a great resource of knowledge and current discussion topics highly relevant to Nationalencyklopedin’s visitors and customers.

Our latest Twingly Partner in Sweden

We are always happy to see new websites deciding to integrate our Twingly Enterprise tools to enhance their content with feedback from the blogosphere (which as we explained recently might even help websites to generate more money from ads). One of our most recent partners is Startaeget.se, a site dedicated to everyone in Sweden who plans to start a company or who already has made this step. The site offers new and existing founders and self-employed persons a lot of useful information and resources about how to start, maintain, develop and grow a company.

Twingly Blogstream Widget

And as of now, each article in the news section of Startaeget.se will include the Twingly Blogstream widget, which shows blogs that have commented on and linked to the specific piece at Startaeget.se. The goal of including the Twingly widget is of course to encourage bloggers within related topics to link to Startaeget.se and to discuss the information being published there. In return, bloggers have their postings shown and linked next to the article they have mentioned, getting new visitors.

If you are a blogger, try it by linking to one of the articles from Startaeget.se to have your blog shown next to it (make sure before that your blog pings Twingly). And if you are a publisher and would like to add the Twingly Blogstream Widget to your site, use this form to get in touch with us!

Twingly is announcing planned downtime on October 23rd and 24th

To ensure that we are able to continue growing, we have made the decision to move all our production servers to a brand new co-location facility. The impressive facility is run by Phonera, a premium co-location provider in Sweden.

Service downtime
Because we’re physically moving the servers, downtime is unavoidable. We always strive for 100% up-time, and knowing that this move will help us in providing a better and more reliable service in the future, we feel that it is still worth all the effort of moving the servers.

Continuous updates
During the move we will post regular updates about the progress at http://status.twingly.com. Please use the status blog as your first source of information, but please get in touch with us at any time with questions or concerns.

How does it affect you?


If you’re a customer, we’ve sent an e-mail with detailed information. It’s important to be aware of how you will be affected of this, so if you’re a customer and haven’t received this information, let us know (info@twingly.com) and we will make sure that you get the information needed.

Pinging and showing up on Twingly’s customers
During the downtime we will not be able to receive pings from you. The manual ping function on twingly.com/ping is estimated to be down for up to 24h from 8 AM local Swedish time, Saturday 23rd October. The automatic ping functionality (rpc.twingly.com) will also be affected but will be back up sooner then the manual. To ensure your blog post will be indexed by us afterwards, ping us again when we’re back up. Content already indexed by us will not be affected and will be displayed as usual in the widgets. This downtime will only affect content produced during the downtime. That content will not be published on our customers sites until it is possible to ping us again.

Blog widgets
Our blog widgets and badges will be affected and will stop working during the downtime. It will not show any data, but will not affect the rest of the page where it is located.

Twingly.com will be down from Saturday 23rd October, 8 AM local Swedish time for about 24 hours. During this time the following services will not be reachable; Twingly Channels, Twingly Blog Search, Twingly Microblog Search and Twingly.com/ping. Twingly Live will still be up and fully functional.

Get in touch for questions and comments
We are taking every step needed to make the move as swift and secure as possible and want to make sure that we are covering all contingencies. If you have any questions or concerns, let us know.

info@twingly.com@twingly | facebook.com/twingly | status.twingly.com

t-online.de connects with bloggers!

The biggest German general interest portal t-online.de started to reach out to bloggers!

Since a couple of days there is a little Twingly-box with linking blog posts to the down-right hand side of each news article.

And there are a lot of top news to link to – from the smallest electrical driven car to name dramas and the latest gossip around the German football team in the World Championship to come.

So take the opportunity and be part of one of Germany’s largest websites – we hope you get lots of new readers by linking to t-online.de!

As for us, we are just very proud to support t-online.de’s social media strategy and look forward to a strong and successful partnership.

Lärarnas Nyheter new partner in Sweden

Today Lärarnas Nyheter launched a new site and they’ve chosen to integrate Twingly Blogstream to link back to blogs. It is a news site by 15 different magazines and newspapers for teachers in Sweden.

We think it looks really good, so don’t forget to check it out and to blog about their articles too! You can also follow Lärarnas Nyheter on Twitter.

Lotta Holmström at Lärarnas Nyheter says:

“For us it is only natural to invite contributions and debate on our web site. Twingly blog links is a great way to encourage bloggers to write about us, while at the same time giving web traffic back to them. We also highlight a selection of really great teacher bloggers by publishing their picture and quote when they write something particularly interesting.”

We are very happy to add Lärarnas Nyheter to the list of websites using Twingly to link back to blogs.

kino.de & video.de – Film-Bloggers’ Paradise

From now on the German movie and video portals kino.de and video.de connect with film-blogs!

kino.de (“Kino” = German for “Cinema”) is currently Germany’s biggest film-portal, providing you with all the latest details about movie releases as well as  stories and facts about your favorite actors. You can also check what’s on in which cinema right now and discuss hot film topics in their community.

video.de is the little brother of kino.de and gives you the latest updates about new movies to be released on DVD.

So don’t be surprised to see traffic coming to your blog from these sites.

Embrace it and continue linking to these so that your opinion can be part of the latest movie- or DVD review!

If you are interested in showing up on kino.de or video.de, just don’t forget to ping us so that these two sites can find and display your reviews on their pages!

Connect! europaportalen.se opens up for debate!

europaportalen.se is the leading, independent platform for the Swedish debate about everything concerning the European Union (EU) and Europe.

They relaunched their entire site today with lots of new features, all designed to make it even easier for users to join the ongoing discussions and debates, thus connecting people and Brussels with each other.

Twingly is very proud to be able to contribute to this effort by helping to connect bloggers to europaportalen.se via Blogstream.

Every time you comment on European topics on your blog and link to europaportalen.se, make sure you ping your posts to us. That way your comments will be shown connected to their articles and let you join the debate where it actually happens.

You want to get involved even more? Then try their great new video channel YouEurope where you can ask questions directly to members of the European Parliament. No worries, they do not use Chatroulette for that 😉 .

Now, off you go and heat up the discussion!

Welcome, Expressen!

Today we have the pleasure to give a very warm welcome to a longed-for addition to the Twingly Family!

This morning Expressen.se, one of the leading Swedish news sites with over 2 million unique visitors per week,  launched Twingly Blogstream. And Blogstream can not only be found on Expressen, but also on their editions for Gothenburg and Malmö GT.se and Kvallsposten.se.
The content of Expressen.se seems to be engaging for many of us in the blogosphere. During the last month as many as nearly 3000 blog posts linked to Expressen.se.
So if you are one of these bloggers writing about your views on a story like this, don’t forget to “twingla” from now on and share your views with Expressen’s readers!

Read also  Thomas Mattsson’s comment on “Bloggen om Expressen”, he is Expressen’s Editor-in-Chief.

Update: There is now also a nice Expressen-article about the Twingly launch today!

derFreitag one of the best designed newspapers of the world!

The Society for News Design (short SND) nominated derFreitag as one of the best designed newspapers in print! They share this award with the names of Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung and  New York Times.

We think this is great, and that not only because derFreitag happens to be one of our customers. The award they got shows that it really pays off to dare doing something new, even when you are not a huge paper.

derFreitag did a complete redesign for its print version in 2009 and they launched almost at the same time their new online concept to go with it. This was a successful step for integrating print and online to one solid media presence.

An encouragement to all traditional media sites online that currently contemplate of how to face the changes in the media world best and how to integrate these.

Be daring and win!

And more important than getting an award is to win and keep the user’s engagement and trust by meeting their needs, entering the waters they wade in, and thus create great user experience for them. Offline and online. With the latter we might be able to help even, but you probably figured that.

Moderaterna with Twingly Blogstream

Another great launch this week: The Swedish political party Moderaterna decided to use Twingly Blogstream for boosting transparency and discussion on their official site moderat.se .

It’s election in Sweden in September and we believe that social media will be more important than ever for the political sphere this year. Twingly already helped partners like The Swedish EU Presidency, Centerpartiet, Socialdemokraterna and Folkpartiet in successfully opening up the political discussion with the blogosphere. From now on we will support Moderaterna in achieving the same.

We’re thrilled to see an increasing number of political organisations getting into conversations via social media, and we work hard on the development of our solutions to see even more of them starting to use our products Twingly Blogstream, Twingly Channels and Twingly Live this year. Please get in touch if you have ideas, thoughts or simply are interested in what we have to offer.