CDON Group partners with Twingly

Today we are excited to announce the latest business that makes use of our eTrade solution: CDON Group, one of the leading e-commerce companies in the Nordic countries, operating a host of renowned, successful online shops.

One of CDON’s brands,, is already integrated with Twingly since the beginning of 2012. With the new partnership, the company has decided to use eTrade for all of its e-commerce brands. To begin with, CDON, Gymgrossisten and Lekmer will be connecting with blogs through Twingly, with more sites to follow.

Twingly integration on
Twingly integration on

Thanks to eTrade, product pages on CDON’s shops will include links to blog posts containing additional product information, offering potential customers added value. Bloggers need to link to the specific product page in order to have their post appearing there, sending potential customers to the shop as well as improving search engine visibility.

Gymgrossisten is integrated with Twingly as of today, the other sites will follow within the next weeks.

If you want to learn more about eTrade, you find more information here. close to listing 100 Social Media Monitoring Tools

(Zur deutschen Version dieses Artikels geht’s hier)

November last year we launched, a Wiki in German for everyone looking for social media monitoring tools focusing on the German-speaking market. On the Wiki you’ll find dozens of tools that can help you monitoring and analysing the buzz on the web. Many services listed offer a detailed presentation introducing their core features, pricing and contact details. shall make it easy for everyone to find the tool suiting their individual needs best.

Since its launch, the Wiki has grown – it now lists 76 social media monitoring tools of which 38 offer a detailed presentations plus another 38 where a presentation will be added in the future. Every week we get in new requests regarding the Wiki and we are really happy to see that also clearly helps with generating new leads and giving additional reach to the social media monitoring services taking part.

According to Stefan Vetter, Head of Marketing at MeMo News AG Switzerland, has become the fifth biggest traffic source for MeMo News. He praises the Wiki for being an excellent platform where everyone looking for social media monitoring tools can gain a good first overview. Such a platform has been missing before, he said.

Echobot, based in Karlsruhe, Germany uses actively as part of its marketing strategy. Tobias Görgen, Managing Director of Toocan, thinks that being part of the Wiki means increased traffic and visibility for monitoring tools. We made an interview with Tobias last year, you can read it here.

Google Analytics shows that during the last month 75 percent of all visitors came to for the first time, while 25 percent were returning to the site. This means that people started actively using it as a resource for their research of social media monitoring tools, but also that a lot of new people find to the site. A good balance!

We look forward to developing further and would love to see your tool listed as well, so you offer a social media monitoring tool aimed at the German market. Get in touch and we get you started! listet bald 100 Social Media Monitoring Tools

(The English version of this article is available here)

Im November vergangenen Jahres haben wir mit ein Angebot für alle gestartet, die nach Social-Media-Monitoring-Werkzeugen speziell für den deutschsprachigen Raum suchen. Auf dem Wiki findet ihr eine umfangreiche Übersicht zu Werkzeugen für die Beobachtung und Analyse von Sozialen Medien – viele davon mit einer detaillierten Präsentation. Ziel ist es, allen, die auf der Suche nach einem Social Media Monitoring Tool sind, bei der Auswahl zu helfen.

Die Site hat sich in den vergangenen viereinhalb Monaten sehr gut entwickelt. Mittlerweile sind 76 Social Media Monitoring Tools vertreten, davon 38 Tools mit oftmals detaillierten Präsentationen, sowie 38 weitere die noch eine Präsentation hinterlegen werden. Wöchentlich erreichen uns Anfragen, und hilft ganz offensichtlich den gelisteten Unternehmen dabei potentielle neue Kunden zu erreichen und ihre Sichtbarkeit zu verbessern.

Stefan Vetter, Head of Marketing bei der MeMo News AG Schweiz, ließ uns wissen, dass mittlerweile Platz 5 der Besucherquellen für MeMo News einnimmt. Sein Urteil: “Ich halte Medienbewachen für ein sehr gutes Angebot, um einen Überblick über Anbieter von Social Media Monitoring und Analytics im deutschsprachigen Raum zu bekommen – das hat zuvor einfach gefehlt.”, ein junger deutscher Anbieter aus Karlsruhe, nutzt aktiv als Teil seiner Marketingstrategie. Tobias Görgen, Managing Director von Toocan, geht davon aus, dass vielen Anbietern zusätzlichen Traffic und damit zusätzliche Reichweite bringt. Mit Tobias haben wir übrigens im vergangenen Jahr ein Interview geführt.

Ein Blick auf Google-Analytics zeigt, dass im letzten Monat 75 Prozent aller Besucher auf die Site zum ersten Mal besuchen, 25 Prozent sind wiederkehrende Nutzer. Das deutet daraufhin, dass bereits rund ein Viertel der Besucher das Angebot aktiv für seine Recherchen nutzt, während gleichzeitig sehr viele neue Besucher zu finden. Ein gutes Verhältnis, wie wir finden, und nun gilt es weiter auszubauen.

Fehlt noch ein Anbieter mit Fokus auf den deutschsprachigen Raum, oder wollt ihr euer Tool vorstellen? Dann meldet euch! integrates with Twingly

We are always very happy when we can announce another e-commerce partner that connects with the blogosphere with the help of Twingly. Only a few days ago we could welcome Yves Rocher to the Twingly family, and today is joining us with its integration of the Twingly widget. is one of the largest online fashion stores in Northern Europe, offering more than 750 brands throughout a growing number of countries, among them Germany , Austria and The Netherlands.

The integration of Twingly means that on each and every product page on, fashion shoppers can immediately see what bloggers have written about the specific piece of clothing (like here for example, in Swedish). They can click on the links to the blog to read the full post. For bloggers this is a great way of getting additional visitors by covering a product on, linking to it and pinging us. Instead of pinging us, bloggers can also add the link to their blog posts directly inside the widget on the product page.

The Twingly widget at the bottom to the right
The Twingly widget at the bottom to the right

Fashion blogs represent a significant chunk of the whole blogosphere, and fashion bloggers passionately and regularly write about clothes they love. Online fashion stores using our solution can leverage the power, expertise and feedback from the blogosphere and add value to their offerings.


Blog about products on and get linked from a major online shop

Not even two weeks left until Christmas Eve. Maybe some of you bloggers out there would like to show your readers the presents that you are hoping to find under the Christmas tree, and at the same time get traffic from a huge e-commerce site?

In this case we can announce that you now have the chance to do this with yet another online shop partnering up with Twingly to show incoming blog links on its site: Swedish media retailer with Twingly integration

On the front page and each and every product page, has placed the Twingly Blogstream widget in the right column, showing you the latest products bloggers have written about and linked to. For consumers it’s a great way to discover products on that are getting attention in the blogosphere. The benefit for bloggers is obvious as well: Visibility on a leading e-commerce site in the Nordics, and thus new visitors.

We welcome to the growing family of Twingly partners.

If you have a blog and want to give it a try, just write about a product available on, link to its product page and ping Twingly (very important!). And who knows, maybe one day you’ll have a nice little present from one of your readers in your mail.

How you publish full articles in your RSS feed if you are using WordPress

If you are a blogger you can increase your traffic by getting linked from major websites that use the Twingly Blogstream widget.

In this post we explained in detail what you need to do to get visitors from leading e-commerce, news and event websites.

One requirement is that you publish your blog posts in full length via RSS, because RSS is what we crawl to find out whether you have linked to one of the websites using Twingly (which in turn can give you the backlink you were longing for).

So if you regularly link to our Twingly partners and want to get backlinks from them, you should check if your blog’s RSS feed shows full articles or only the first few lines.

For WordPress, the most common blogging platform, it’s easy to change from short to full feed: Simply go to your Settings control, click on “reading” and scroll to the section “For each article in a feed, show”. Here you can choose between “Full text” or “Summary”.

Make sure you select “Full text”. Summary only shows the first 55 words of each article, so if the link to one of the Twingly partner websites isn’t located in the first 55 words, we won’t see it and you won’t get your backlink.

This by the way works both for the hosted WordPress blogs at as well as for the self-hosted ones.

Welcome to the Twingly family: Two new e-commerce sites and the Cathedral of Lund

We want to welcome a couple of new additions to the ever-growing family of Twingly partners:

First we have Eleven, a Swedish online store for beauty products of high quality for both women and men. They chose to implement our Twingly Blogstream solution on each product page, showing blogposts linking back and discussing the specific products. You can find an example on this page by scrolling down a bit.


Another new partner is Allt för föräldrar, a Sweden-based online shop selling a variety of products for children and their parents. The site didn’t only add the Twingly Blogstream widget to each product page, but they also embedded a list of the latest blog posts on their mainpage. If you surf to and scroll down a bit, you find it in the left column (“senast bloggat”). With this solution, Allt för föräldrar doesn’t only offer additional information to its customers, but sends blogs linking to the store a potentially significant amount of traffic.

Allt för föräldrar

Last but not least we also are happy to have the Cathedral of Lund as a new Twingly partner – our first church actually.

The Cathedral’s online team decided to go with our Twingly Blogwatch widget. Unlike Blogstream, Blogwatch does highlight all blog posts mentioning specific keywords, instead of only those linking to a specific site (you can read more about Blogwatch here). In this case, the widget shows blog articles mentioning the Swedish word for “Cathedral of Lund”, “Lunds Domkyrka”, on the site’s Swedish homepage.

We are glad to have those new partners on board, in addition to all the other great websites and companies using our Twingly tools to connect with the blogosphere!

The top 7 most beautiful integrations of Twingly Blogstream

We have more than 100 partner sites that chose to integrate the Twingly Blogstream widget on their pages in order to highlight blog posts linking to them, their content and their products.

One of the strengthes of Blogstream is that you as partner site can customize it and make it blend perfectly into your existing design and interface.

In order to give you some ideas how a creative and smart integration could look like, we have selected 7 examples that we think belong to the most beautiful ways to embed Twingly.

Of course taste is subjective. The main reason why we highlight the following 7 approaches is because they give an excellent impression of what you can do with our Blogstream service.

You can click on each screenshot to come to the page where it has been take from.




sköna hem

Why does journalism school teach you to check your sources?

Swedish local newspaper Gotlands Allehanda today casually mentions that Twingly has “recieved criticism” for publishing links to rasist blogs on one of our customer’s websites,

Since no such criticism have ever appeared, it is a fairly trivial matter. And I doubt that the journalist in this case knows little about Twingly at all. But the story is interesting anyway, because of how it originated.

The original source for the alleged criticism is an article in Dagens Media. That journalist has written a speculative story on why Sydsvenskan stopped using Twingly on their website. When the journalist called me to get confirmation on the speculations I asked him to talk to Sydsvenskan directly. Not being able to reach them for a comment, he opted for publishing the story anyway, without any source.

Stuff like this simply happens. Journalists don’t have much time to spend on each story and when the facts are not instantly available, speculations will have to do if they seem reasonable enough. I have learned to shrug it off because I believe my energy is better spent elsewhere.

But it is still interesting to see what the consequences can be. In this case, the journalist at Gotlands Allehanda has simply googled for “Twingly” and unfortunately happened to land on the one less factual story written about us. Which is how it came to be that probably the only thing their readers ever will read about Twingly is false and somewhat defamatory. It happens.

For the benefit of anyone ending up here without actually knowing what Twingly is, here are the facts: We help business connect with social media. In the case of, they used our moderated trackback widget for several years to show what blogs were linking to their articles. No links to rasist blogs were ever published in large numbers, since they are moderated by the editorial staff. No one has ever criticised either Twingly or Sydsvenskan for this or even pointed it out as a problem. Sydsvenskan was very happy with Twingly as a supplier and we will continue to work together in the future.

UPDATE: After getting the errors pointed out, Gotlands Allehanda has removed the article from their website.

Twingly welcomes Beauty Planet as new e-commerce partner

An increasing number of e-commerce websites and online retailers is realizing the power and potential of the social web. If you need proof for that, just have a look at the list of our e-commerce partners that use Twingly to connect with the blogosphere. In November we published a few examples of websites that with the help of Twingly leverage the power of Social Media to increase their audience, receive feedback and improve customer loyalty.

Today we are happy to announce another partner from the e-commerce sector: Beauty Planet is a leading Swedish online store for perfume, makeup, skin care and hair care. And as of today, the site comes integrated with the Twingly widget that shows incoming links from around the blogosphere to the store’s product pages.

We are particularly glad that Beauty Planet doesn’t only embed Twingly on each product profile, but also on their main homepage. If you visit, in the right column you’ll see a section titled “bloggat om” (Swedish for “blogged about”). There you always find the latest blog posts linking to products on Beauty Planet. You can either click on the product name to head to the product profile, or on the name of the blog to visit the article discussing the product.

The Twingly widget in the right column

We probably don’t need to mention that blog posts that are appearing in that section might be able to attract a whole lot of new visitors coming from Beauty Planet’s main page.

And then, on each and every product page, there is a list of all the recent blog posts linking to that specific perfume, makeup, skin care or hair care product (like here). It’s a great way for customers to get additional information and read about other customers’ experiences, as well as for the bloggers which get more traffic.

By the way, Beauty Planet is our first partner using Twingly eTrade, our new solution especially developed for e-commerce sites. If you run an online store and would like to hear more about eTrade and the ways we can help you to open up to the social web, we’d love to hear from you!