Twingly Hold’em

Once again, we are proud to welcome a new member to our fastgrowing Twingly-family. This time it’s Sweden’s most popular website for pokerplayers,, that’s starting to use Twingly Blogstream. We are looking forward to some interesting comments from the blogosphere – there’s without a doubt a lot to be said about the topic of gambling.

And, of course we have to leave you with a little teaser. We are working with another pretty exciting launch, so stay tuned…

Tweet for World Childhood Foundation

As you might remember from last year, the Swedish energy company Vattenfall donated money to World Childhood Foundation for every blog post linking to their campaign site We provided the technology for making that possible.

Now they’ve been adding tweets to their counter, so you can tweet instead of blog to get them donate. For every tweet with a link (links shortened with url shorteners are counted, too) to they’re donating 10 kr (about 1€). Blog links are still counted and for each of them they’re donating 20 kr (about 2€).

So, plz rt.

Lausitzer Rundschau – 1st German regional newspaper working with Twingly

The Lausitzer Rundschau ( is the first German regional newspaper to join us on the Twingly-adventure!


They are based in Cottbus, which is situated close to the Polish/German border, between Berlin and Dresden. Here the Google-Map for everyone that wants to take a closer look, the region is called Lower Lusatia.

Historically, Lausitzer Rundschau (short version LR) has come a very long way. They were founded in 1946 and have been a newspaper of the SED (the leading political party in the German Democratic Republic) for the region of Lusatia. Obviously being an SED-paper was not quite that beneficial for their reputation, mock names at that time were among others “Lügen-Rudi” (“lying Rudi”).

In 1991, the “Wende”, as one calls the big political change in Germany, also started for Lausitzer Rundschau. They got bought by the  Saarbrücker Zeitung, which again is a part of the Holtzbrink Group, one of Germany’s biggest publishing groups.

Since then LR is an independent newspaper and strives to supply their region with high quality regional news. They run 11 local news papers in the Brandenburg region and 2 in the Saxon part of Lusatia.
No talk about “Lying Rudi” anymore nowadays, which shows that they succeeded in really being “more than just a newspaper”.

Their online strategy has developed significantly during the past years. The latest steps are to connect its content closer with the world of social media. LR-Online now has not only joined Twitter actively but also wrote some really good articles for their readers about the subject.

LR-Online wants to involve external blogs more with its content, and this is where Twingly comes into the game. Having already some Swedish and Norwegian regional newspapers as partners that use Twingly successfully, we really are excited to see what our blog service will be able to do for LR and we look forward to support them in their social media strategy. is launching Twingly today!

We’re very happy to announce that is launching Twingly today! They’re one of the largest retailers of sport equipment and have stores all over Sweden. Now they wanna make their e-commerce bloom and we’re happy that they see Twingly as a way to do that!

So all you bloggers with love for sport, fashion and outdoor life now you have the perfect opportunity to link to the products on to get a link, and some attention from their visitors, to your blog! Maybe even write a product review in your blog?

Happy blogging! new e-commerce partner

Amazon is buying Zappos and e-commerce are hotter than ever. For us as well, new partners are on their way! Today we’re pleased to welcome as our latest e-commerce partner here in Sweden.

It’s also nice to see a web shop that is very niched using Twingly, is selling products for bathrooms. Here is for example a new towel they’re selling or a body cream from Claus Porto.

Stay tuned, there are more partners on their way.

Now you find Twingly at TV8 too

The Swedish TV-channels TV3 and TV6 launched Twingly this May, and they have now been followed by their sister channel TV8. As well as other broadcasters like SVT, Kanal5, TV2, the British BBC etc, they use Twingly to reflect which TV-shows that are talked about in the blogosphere.

TV8 is a part of Modern Times Group and their Viasat Broadcasting is the largest free-TV and satellite premium pay-TV operator in Scandinavia and the Baltics.

Summer of ’09

It’s a very nice summer here in Sweden with a lot of sun and fun, even for us at Twingly. We’ve been working hard with Project Shinobi lately but from today most of us are having a well-needed summer vacation.

But not all of us (Mattias and I will be available at the office whole summer) and definitely not our partner list!

From today the Swedish Church, Svenska Kyrkan, is having a Twingly widget on their campaign site “Hela Världen“. So if you’re blogging about their campaign site or mentioning it in a blog post, it will appear in the widget.

Västerbottens-Kuriren getting Twingly to the North

The local newspaper Västerbottens-Kuriren starting to link back to blogs with Twingly Blogstream from today! They’re also giving their own blog portal a face lift, which looks really nice.

It is also nice to see local newspapers working more and more with social media. We’ve been working with a lot of local newspapers in the South of Sweden for a long time now (Sydsvenskan, HD, Ystads Allehanda etc) but not in the North, so we’re very happy to welcome Västerbottens-Kuriren to our list of partners.

Happy blogging, Västerbotten!

BBC is the latest addition to cover the real time web with Twingly

The British broadcaster BBC is the latest addition of media companies that track real time social media with the help of Twingly. Together with Yahoo and Nielsen, Twingly provides BBC with data for a prototype of their new service, Shownar that launched today at

By helping more than 100 customers with their relation to social media, Twingly has become one of the greatest players in offering real time information in Europe. This is once again proven through the co-operation with BBC and Shownar.

Shownar monitors activity around BBC programmes on the web, and works out which are gaining the most attention. It highlights those gems in the schedules that others have not only watched, but are talking about, and then points you in the direction of those discussions on the web. Twingly provides data from Twitter-like services to help monitor these discussions. You can read more about Shownar at the BBC Internet blog.

With BBC being such a progressive force online, it is great for Twingly to be a part of the frontline for their new services. We are excited to see if Shownar can lead the way in taking the pulse on realtime discussions about TV-programmes. starts using Twingly Data

Our latest data customer is, a Spanish online media monitoring company, that now uses Twingly data to monitoring the blogosphere. As a subscriber of their monitoring tool you can search for keywords or your own brand name in either news, blogs, press releases or so-called official bulletins. A big number of filter possibilities and further functionalities is available.

Anyone interested can apply for a 15-day-trial on their website and test it to the heart’s content. A nice new and useful toy not only for analysts, marketeers or PR-bureaus it seems.

This is what the result page for “Show me all blogs that wrote in English about Bing today/yesterday” on our test account looks like: