t-online.de connects with bloggers!

The biggest German general interest portal t-online.de started to reach out to bloggers!

Since a couple of days there is a little Twingly-box with linking blog posts to the down-right hand side of each news article.

And there are a lot of top news to link to – from the smallest electrical driven car to name dramas and the latest gossip around the German football team in the World Championship to come.

So take the opportunity and be part of one of Germany’s largest websites – we hope you get lots of new readers by linking to t-online.de!

As for us, we are just very proud to support t-online.de’s social media strategy and look forward to a strong and successful partnership.

Twingly launches Mediebevakare.se to give an overview of the social media monitoring market

Today we launch the wiki Mediebevakare.se (in Swedish) to give an overview of existing social media monitoring tools.

We felt that it was quite a task to get a comprehensive overview of all the social media monitoring tools available and that there were very few places to connect companies looking for social media monitoring tools with the companies offering these.

So we thought a wiki where everyone can contribute would be the perfect solution. Now every company offering social media monitoring tools has the opportunity to publish details of their social media monitoring services on Mediebevakare.se, as well are their customers able to say what they think about them.

From the start there are seven tools represented in great detail with screenshots and text explaining how these work as well as pricing. We’ve been promised that quite some more will be added in the near future. When you as a company post information, make sure you provide your potential customers with easy to understand and yet detailed information. It will enable them to get a much better initial picture of your tools before contacting you.

The amazing response we got within a short time after the launch just confirms that this was the right thing to do; so we are really glad about having kicked this one off!

Thanks to everyone who already contributed with content and helps building this platform into a success story from day one. We look forward to see Mediebevakare.se developing into the new market-place and information-pool for social media tools. And big thanks to Karin Gilje, our intern who did all the hard work to make this come true!

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This is Twingly Channels

The realtime web is overwhelming us with information. Search is not social. RSS is a broken promise. Twingly Channels brings a revolution to these three areas.

A Twingly Channel acts as a social filter on top of feeds and realtime search, allowing you to set up a social memetracker for any topic or event. The underlying idea is that by aggregating feeds and realtime search results into a channel where many people sharing the same interest can discuss and vote on the content (while also providing a filter to solve the prevalent problem of information overflow) we lower the learning curve to the realtime web.

Twingly Channels provides instant user value without the user having to spend time finding the right people to follow. Following topics rather than individuals, you immediately tap into the collective intelligence of a group of people sharing your interests. Or you can create your own channel and invite others to assist you in picking feeds and keywords to monitor.

A Channel consists of two views. While the Incoming view shows the full stream, the Popular view is filtered using attention data from the realtime web and from users posting links, comments and likes.

Here’s a bundle of screenshots showing these examples of these two views (click to enlarge!):

Web 2.0 - Popular_1251724977106 Social media - Incoming_1251721628158

One specific use of Twingly Channels will be to monitor all conversations around a brand, for internal use or to provide a social space for fans of the brand (click to enlarge!).

Spotify - Popular_1251894845154 Spotify - Incoming_1251893782299

Not easily shown in a screenshot is the fact that everything in Twingly Channels is realtime: the incoming stream of new content, user comments and likes and the filtering into the memetracker view. We leverage our existing search engine for blogs and microblogs to bring new results into relevant channels based on the search terms channel owners have defined.

Some coverage on Twingly Channels so far:

Exclusive Screenshots Of Twingly Channels: A Personalized, Real-Time Memetracker

The Next Web:
Twingly Channels could be the FriendFeed beater we’ve been waiting for

UPDATED In German:

Gemeinsam gegen die Informationsüberflutung
Translated: United against the information overload

In Swedish:

Twingly skapar ny mikrobloggtjänst

Ny Teknik:
Smartare sök när användarna hjälps åt
Translated: Smarter search when users help each other

Twingly från Linköping utmanar Google
Translated: Twingly from Linköping challenges Google

Anders Thoresson:
Twingly vill göra RSS-läsaren social
Translated: Twingly wants to make the RSS-reader social

Why social media search matters

There are some things Twitter is just flat out better at for getting information than Google. Here are just a few: researching companies, products and services for real customer feedback, breaking news and live events/conference updates. It is not a total threat but Twitter is so superior in these areas that people will indeed make the effort to search somewhere new to get the information. I do.

We think this is a very good explanation of why it’s so useful to search in social media. And to make our point clear, this is not only true for search in microblogs but in blogs as well.. Another thing that could be added is friends, family and yourself. To search and follow the people we love and care about most is an opportunity that Google still can’t handle.

Via: Google’s First Real Threat? Twitter. Update: Robert Scoble is writing about it

Twingly inaugurating world’s first federated microblog search

This is it! Today we’re launching Twingly Microblog Search.

We’ve been microblogging for a couple of years now at Twingly. Mostly at Jaiku because it’s been the service of choice for new-media-people here in Sweden but we have our own Twitter and since Twitter is becoming bigger and bigger here in Sweden, we’ve been more active there lately.

When we last summer started to see the microblogging-hype we felt that a search dedicated to microblogs would be a quite natural development for us. We like Twitter Search and been using it a lot, especially at conferences and when news like Mumbai were having the best news source at Twitter. But because we used Jaiku ourselves it wasn’t what we needed in many cases.

Today we’re proud to launch our own microblog search with both Twitter, Jaiku, Identi.ca, Pownce (which is sadly closed but we still have a lot of data indexed so we keeped it) and even some local microblogging platforms like the Swedish Bloggy and the German Bleeper.

It’s also therefore we call it the first federated microblog search because our goal is to indexing all microblogs from all services. If you know more microblogging services or run your own, please contact our developers so we could start index it.


To be more clear about how the search works it’s for now quite clean, we would love to hear what features you would like to have in our tech plan, but there’s some really useful tools in there already that could be nice to stated out:

  • Like every search result at Twingly.com, it’s possible to get a widget for it to use on your own website or blog.
  • Email-alerts so you don’t miss any important reply, retweet or comment dedicated to you or to use like a way to monitor your brands name.
  • RSS to keep you updated on what microblogs saying about you, your brand, interest or anything else straight in to your RSS-reader.
  • It’s possible to search for hashtags (#tag) and replies (@name)

More search possibilities could be found in our help-page and in a follow-up blog post.

The true behold of Twingly Microblog Search is of course for many people the possibilities to get a full overview of what’s saying about you, your brand or your interest on not only one service but on all microblogs. Why just search in one service when there’s many other services with active users, too?

Some improvements are still to come. The search is not realtime at the moment, expect about a five minute delay (sometimes more if the result page ends up in the cache). This will be remedied later on so that we can provide a true conversational search. Jaiku comments are not indexed. Bummer. We have been talking to @jyri about ways to accomplish that, hopefully it will be resolved soon. Verbs like save, retweet, reply, comment should be implemented in the search result.

Anyhow, we hope you’ll enjoy our new microblog search as much as we do. We’ll listen to you.

Update: Techcrunch post is here.

Master thesis on visual blog search interface

Hi! My name is Daniel Svensson and I am currently doing my master thesis in Computer Science Engineering. The purpose of this master thesis is to create a visual search interface for the Twingly Blog Search engine. A short explanation:

Incorporating visual elements such as screen shots in the search results can improve the search experience by giving the user more information in a quicker manner than a regular text based search result does. This type of interface especially aides users that are not looking for a particular blog but rather a particular type of blog.

The goal is to create an interface that focuses on usability and that encourages the type of browsing which is not available in text based search engines.

If you would like to learn more about my project you are welcome to visit my blog “Interactive Visualization of Blog Search,” where I post daily documenting the progress of the project.

Extreme spam-free index makeover

Earlier this year we launched our spam-free blog search. Our algorithm for removing spam works amazingly well, while there still is a limited influx of spam but we can remove it very easily. Overall we have a very low level of spammy content.

Since launch we have improved the algorithm in numerous ways and now we are resetting the index to start over from scratch with the improvements in place. This means that for a period of time the spam-free index will be quite empty. It could take up to a couple of weeks before we hit the same numbers of approved blogs as before, so please be patient!

From then on, the index will grow to contain many more blogs than before. Approaching on the horizon is the point where the spam-free index provides enough coverage to make it the only available option for searching. The remake is one step closer to the end of the beta stage for the spam-free index.

If your blog was approved before it will “probably” be approved to the spam-free index in this update as well. Fact is, we’re going to index a lot more blogs this time so it’s a higher chance you’ll be approved. You can see if your blog is approved in your blog profile. If not, let us know!

Six Weeks, Four Interns, One mission: Push the edge of Blog Search

At Twingly we continously try to redefine what we do and the way we do it. This summer we are redefining what it means to be a summer intern: Be the Rockstar, Not the Peon.

Mission statement: You and your fellow team mates are to embark on an epic mission. During six weeks, you are the focal point of our company. You get the best tools, the best technology, the best knowledge and a huge pile of blog data to play with.

Your objective is to push the edge of blog search into what was previously thought impossible. Think bigger, do better. Bring the entire breadth of the global blogosphere into one interface, placing any blog in the world a mouse click away. Allow the user to explore a universe rather than scroll a list of result. Make it visual, make it interactive. Bring the user to amazing discoveries.

Oh, and you get six weeks. You better start right away.

Martin Källström
CEO Twingly

Follow the project on http://summer.twingly.com/. Starting from today, there will be a daily YouTube episode posted by the team at 6 PM GMT (10 AM in San Francisco, 19:00 in Stockholm).

Twingly Summer of Code Team 2008