Major e-commerce events in the Nordics

e-commerce eventsSince many of Twingly’s clients are major online retailers we have a given interest in everything that has to do with e-commerce. One of the best ways to stay in the loop about the latest e-commerce trends and to meet industry experts as well as potential partners are events and conferences. As a service for our readers we compiled the following list of major e-commerce events in the Nordic countries. It’s very likely that we forgot an important event for the sector, feel free to let us know in the comments.

Note that we also included a few events that already took place for 2013, because we expect them to happen again in 2014.

Online Marketing & E-handel
Stockholm, March 13 – 14 2013

Stockholm, March 6 – 7 2013
Luleå, May 30 2013
Gothenburg, September 26 – 27 2013
Malmö, October 26 2013
Växjö, December 4 2013

Future Retail
Stockholm, April 17 – 18 2013

Scandinavian E-Business Camp
Gothenburg, May 23 – 24 2013

Nordic eCommerce Summit
Stockholm, May 30 2013

Oslo, September 19 2013

Gothenburg, September 2013
More info tba on

E-handelskonferencen og Messe
Copenhagen, October 10 2013

Date & location for 2013 tba

Stockholm, date for 2013 tba

Photo: Flickr/ inUse Consulting; CC BY 2.0 

Meet us at NEXT Berlin this week!

NEXT Berlin

The re:publica 2012 has just closed its doors, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing else to do in Berlin during this week – under the umbrella of the Berlin Web Week (which is in fact lasting for two weeks), a bunch of other conferences surrounding the digital sphere and Internet business are taking place in the German capital right now. The most important one is without a doubt the Next Berlin (not to confuse with The Next Web in Amsterdam).

And as last year, Anton and Anja from the Twingly team are heading to Berlin to attend the event, to listen to hundreds of renowned speakers from every part of the digital industry and to meet inspiring entrepreneurs, influencial thinkers and potential Twingly partners.

In case you want to meet us at the NEXT, we would love to hear from you. Just drop us a line @agaton / @anmara

Of course we’ve launched our Twingly Liveboard for this years’ edition of NEXT, which will provide you with real time insights into the Twitter buzz about the event. If you tweet about the NEXT and want to be included in the stats, don’t forget to add the hashtag #next12 in your tweets.

See you at the NEXT on Tuesday and Wednesday!

The re:publica conference in Twitter numbers

Last week, bloggers, digital citizens, net activists and journalists gathered in Berlin for the annual re:publica conference. The event took place for the first time in 2007 as a platform for bloggers from the German speaking countries, but has evolved into a huge conference with 4000 attendees and speakers from other parts of Europe and the world as well. It’s not a risky bet to assume that next year, the re:publica will be even bigger and more international.

As one could imagine, the re:publica createde quite a buzz in the German speaking twittersphere. We set up a Twingly Liveboard before the conference kicked off to be able to visualize the feedback on Twitter. To remind you: Liveboard is a HTML5 based feature that visualizes the buzz about trends on Twitter and works with any state of the art browser.

Twingly Liveboard for #rp12

You find the Liveboard for the re:publica at (since it shows real-time stats, the numbers are still growing even though the conference is already finished).

Here are a few key figures that illustrate how visible the event was in the local twittersphere
Overall number of tweets containing the “rp12” keyword: more than 69.000
Tweets about rp12 during the time of the conference: almost 55.000
Number of different users tweeting about rp12: more than 10.800
Number of unique hashtags in tweets mentioning rp12: more than 6.200
Number of unique links in tweets mentioning rp12: almost 16.000

Top 5 Twitter users mentioned in tweets with “rp12” hashtag

Top 5 Twitter users with most tweets about rp12

Top 5 most used hashtags

Overall, the first conference day on Wednesday led to the highest number of tweets, and the last conference day on Friday to the lowest.

Twingly Live goes Webciety – again!

This week, the digital industry’s biggest, most international event, CeBIT, is taking place in the German city of Hannover. One part of the annual happening combining exhibition, conferences, keynotes, corporate events and lounges is the Webciety, a special platform for the Internet Business.

And the cool thing is: The Webciety team uses our Twingly Live tool on their live streaming page to show reactions from Twitter in real time. If you click on this link you are being forwarded to the stream, and if you look at the right you see the Twingly Live box with the the real time stream of tweets containing the #webciety hashtag (there is also a second tab highlighting tweets that received the most reactions).

Since #webciety is a pretty popular hashtag on Twitter right now, some spammers thought it was a good idea to hijack it, hence the Live widget showed their tweets as well. Fortunately, Twingly Live offers tools to moderate the real time Twitter stream – something you can’t do with Twitters own widget solution.

After users have created a Twingly Live stream for a specific keyword or hashtag, they can access the admin area where they see all incoming tweets that will be shown. For each and every tweet there is the option to either remove the tweet or to block the specific user permanently. So if you create a Twingly Live stream and want to get rid of some tweets or even block spammy users, you can do that easily!

In the case of #webciety – which has been using Twingly Live already in 2010 – we also created some custom-made filters to make sure that no spam will appear in the Live feed.

Whether these additional measurements are necessary is something that we decide on a case by case basis, and usually it’s only needed for some really huge events which get a lot of media attention. In most cases though, users are happy with the moderation features included in the admin area.

In this post we introduced you to 3 additional features of Twingly Live that you might find useful. Go, check it out and create you own Stream on And in case you are in charge of an event and need support, we are looking forward to hear from you.

Today is “Pay a Blogger Day” – support you favourites blogs now!

Last week we introduced you to “Pay a Blogger Day”, a commendable initiative by our friends over att Flattr which has the goal to encourage those who love to read blogs to show some support to their favourite bloggers.

Today is Pay a Blogger Day!

If you – like us at Twingly – can’t (or don’t want to) imagine an Internet without blogs, today is your chance to give something back to the millions of people publishing news, thoughts, observations and other kind of content on blogs, creating a more interesting, diverse and information-rich web.

Let’s all make sure that today, bloggers around the world will feel especially appreciated, by – for example – clicking their Flattr buttons (if you have a Flattr account), looking for a donation button and giving a little gift, buying books or merchandise promoted on their websites, or by spreading the word about Pay a Blogger Day on Twitter, Facebook and other platforms.

In case you wonder about which big news sites and blogs have covered Pay a Blogger Day, here is a list of selected articles encouraging readers to show their support for blogs today:

The Telegraph: ‘Pay a blogger day’ launches next week

Mashable: Pay a Blogger Day Hopes You’ll Pay for the Content You Love

GigaOm: Can ‘Pay a Blogger Day’ help Flattr gain velocity?

Articstartup: Flattr Hopes To Get ‘Pay A Blogger Day’ Rolling

Support your favourite blogs on “Pay a Blogger Day”, November 29

Twingy loves blogs, and we’d like nothing more than to see the blogosphere grow and flourish. That’s why we fully support the latest initiative of our friends at Flattr. The startup offering a social micropayments service for content producers and creative people has come up with the clever idea of a “Pay a Blogger Day”, a day when everybody is encouraged to support bloggers and to show them their appreciation.

Before you continue to read, please mark November 29 as “Pay A Blogger Day” in your calender.

We spoke to Andrus Purde from the Flattr team about how they came up with the idea and in which ways we all are encouraged to support bloggers on November 29.

Hi Andrus. Pay a Blogger Day is an initiative by Flattr, supported by a couple of other companies who are friends of Bloggers (among them Twingly). Can you explain how and why you came up with the idea?
We at Flattr are always looking for ways to make our service more useful for bloggers. In one brainstorming session we talked about that to really make a difference we need both, the “chicken and the egg”, so providing good tools as well as encouraging people to use them. From there it was a small and logical step to an awareness campaign that is now Pay a Blogger Day.

How exactly does it work, what do you want people around the web to do on November 29?
We want to inspire people to look for ways they can support their favourite bloggers: Look for the donation or Flattr button, buy an e-book or something via an affiliate link. At first on November 29, but in the future, why not every day?!

How are you going to raise awareness during the days leading to the 29th? Any ideas how you could make big news sites cover your campaign?
The minisite has some viral features built into it which have worked rather well. We’re also happy to have Twingly and other partners aboard that do spread the word. But perhaps the most important thing is that feedback from bloggers has been great, and they’ve been instrumental in getting the word out. That in a way is much more important than what big news sites say.

How many people do you think will participate globally? Do you have any figure in mind (even though of course this can’t be measured)?
If we see bloggers post or tweet that there were more donations and purchases on November 29, this has been a successful cause/campaign. And of course the more bloggers, the better.

It’s not a coincidence that Flattr is the company behind Pay a Blogger Day, since bloggers have been a main target group of Flattr from day one. Can you tell us a bit about what’s going on at Flattr? Any new features that you are going to release or ideas you are working on?
Pay a Blogger Day is not pure altruism. If more bloggers are successful in being supported by their communities, there’s a bigger market for Flattr to operate in. So it’s a win-win. Besides raising awareness about the need to give back to bloggers we are making it easier to discover flattrable content. We also want to make using Flattr become an even more social experience, and we have just released new partner tools, so adding Flattr buttons on community sites is now very easy.


Follow what people are tweeting about #SIME11

SIME, northern Europe’s largest conference about the Internet and digital opportunities, opens up its doors in Stockholm. During Tuesday and Wednesday, 1600 guests will listen to and discuss with 60 speakers from the worlds of media, telecom, communication, technology and finance, participate in workshops and meet each other to exchange thoughts and ideas about digital opportunities.

Among the speakers are Niklas Zennström, the founder of Skype, Rikard Steiber, Global Marketing Director Mobile & Social at Google and Jacob de Geer, CEO and founder of iZettle.

Here at Twingly we are very happy that SIME has chosen to use our Twingly Live tool to show the realtime feed of tweets from and about #Sime11. So if you can’t attend the event but would like to stay up to date about what’s happening at the conference venue in the Swedish capital, click here and get the stream of tweets as they are being published.

The Twingly Live stream is also shown at the conference!

And the coolest thing: It’s also included in the free SIME iPhone app, and even there tweets are updating in realtime. We hope you like it!

“Visiting a fair leads to new contacts – exactly like social media”

Stockholmsmässan is one of the world’s leading and most flexible organisers of meetings and fairs – and a Twingly partner. On any of it’s event-specific websites (e..g Formex), the company has embedded the Twingly Blogwatch widget which links to blog articles discussing the industry or topic relevant for the fair. Petra Rudberg is Digital Media Manager at Stockholmsmässan. We asked her a couple of questions about the importance of social media for public fairs and their upcoming platform relaunch.

Tell us about your experience with the Twingly Blogstream widget so far. What where your toughts when you decided to implement it into your websites?
Twingly offers us the chance to include our fairs visitors’ experience on our website. Fairs center around personal encounters and bloggers are generally good at describing those. We can give you lots of reasons on our site why you should come to one of our events, but many people prefer to hear objective opinions.

How important is feedback from the blogosphere for Stockholmsmässan?
Very important. We are following blogs within every topical sector where we run a fair. There is a lot of conversation surrounding any topic or industry we are covering with our events. Reading what bloggers say gives us inspiration and ideas how to develop and improve our fairs. In fact, bloggers are as important to us as traditional journalists and media, and we regularly invite bloggers to our events, giving them the same attention as we give to other media representatives. Bloggers are welcome to both our events and our press meetings.

Your websites are very appealing from a visual standpoint. Now you are in the process of creating a new concept for all your event-specific sites. Could you explain to our readers what the main goal and improvement will be?
Thanks, we are glad to hear that. The visual aspects have a high priority for us. The main goal with our sites is to give visitors an impression, a hunch what to expect at the event. People coming to one of our sites want to know who the exhibitors and participating organisations are, and what kind of products or services they offer. With the upcoming relaunch, we will put exhibitors into the spotlight. Another measure is to make our sites more interactive. Twingly Blogstream helps us with that, but we also plan to integrate closely with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The ideal situation is that everybody – visitors, exhibitors, journalists and bloggers can have a dialogue via our site.

Today, all your websites seem to be based on a similar template, but still look differently. Will you stick to that approach?
Yes. We run many different fairs with varying needs and context. Some cover physical goods (like Stockholm Furniture Fair), others services or knowledge. All have different requirements, hence we want to make sure they get a web presence which suits their needs and target group. With our new platform there will be even more ways to adjust and customize a specific event website.

In what way will you integrate Twingly into the new concept?
The Twingly widget will have a high visibility as it already has today. We hope we can show you parts of the new design in the beginning of December.

What are for you the most exciting trends within social media?
I’m glad that the initial social media hype has calmed down a bit. It’s not a competition about who has the most followers. The most important benefit is that we can have a conversation with people – like in our case with those interested in our events. I also find the mobile world pretty exciting, and how this brings social media to every aspect of people’s live. At Stockholmsmässan we are currently creating apps for our events. Visiting a fair is a social experience which often leads to a lot of new contacts – exactly like social media.

Twingly <3 Sweden Social Web Camp

[vimeo w=540&h=405]

Video cred: Martin Källström

For the third time in a row we’re going to Sweden Social Web Camp as attendees and sponsors. Since the first Sweden Social Web Camp was held in 2009, we’ve been there every year to talk to the sheep, discuss the social web, having loads of fun and get to know wonderful friends. It’s been fantastic!

In 2009 it was at SSWC that we first presented Twingly Channels (back then known as Project Shinobi) to anyone outside the office with one of the most crowded sessions ever (might be because of the 600+ beers that we sponsored with, but who knows!).

Twingly presenting Project Shinobi at Sweden Social Web Camp

Photo cred: Fredrik Wass

Last year Martin built Twingly Liveboard during his vacation to be able to present and sponsor SSWC with the very first Liveboard for the hashtag #SSWC. This year we haven’t anything new to release (promise) but we’ll be there to chitchat, discuss and enjoy some great moments together with our friends from the social web scene of Sweden.

See you there! / Anton, Kristoffer, Martin, Pontus and Björn.

The amazingness of TEDxAlmedalen 2011






There are people, places and circumstances that really blows up to an epic climax of inspiration. For me, TEDxAlmedalen was one of those fantastic moments. I’m so happy for everyone that wanted to come and share the amazingness of TEDxAlmedalen 2011.

It was fun, energetic and truly enjoyable. Thanks for coming! And thanks to all of you following the livestream and Twingly Live. The streams are still available, you can see them here. There will be edited and translated video clips published soon but if you understand Swedish, I highly suggest you to see the streams right away. Our speakers were amazing!

* The happy and inspiring Anna Serner (bubbling with energy!)
* The entrepreneurial storyteller Martin Frey
* The fantastic Doer Inga-Britt Ahlenius
* The smart, calm and highly creative but yet still analytical Per Cromwell
* The empathetic and emotional Sara Damber
* The wonderful, inspiring and fascinating Nils Landgren

Thanks to all of you!

Yet still, it was many, many more people involved in making TEDxAlmedalen come true.

* Our humble but rockin’ DJ Löwenhamn.
* AV-Ljud, a major reason for making TEDxAlmedalen 2011 a success.
* Robin, Björn & Petter, our heroes brodcasting the event. Best of the best!
* Hans Wassaether & Niclas Heurlin (+ everyone else) for taking wonderful photos
* Polarbröd that provided us with snacks to the pause.
* Team Greatness PR! Thanks for co-organizing TEDxAlmedalen. We owe the whole Greatness PR team a lot.
* Team Twingly! Without all my great colleagues, there wouldn’t be a TEDxAlmedalen 2011. TEDxAlmedalen is the result of a great teamwork. Thanks to all of you!

But most of all I want to take the opportunity to give a big applause and thanks to Joanna Sundström and Sofie Bachrach from Greatness PR, the two amazing girls that organizing the event together with me from Twingly. To both of you – thanks!

See you next year!

/Anton Johansson