Bloggportalen gets a new home

In December we announced our acquisition of Bloggportalen from Aftonbladet. Today we’re proud to tell you that we’ve moved Bloggportalen to our own servers and that the site now has a new look and feel.

The move to our servers and the redesign is the first step towards making Bloggportalen to the best meeting point for bloggers and blog readers in Sweden.

What’s happening around Bloggportalen during 2012?

To create the best entrance to the Swedish blogosphere, we’ll provide more space for bloggers on the frontpage and the category pages. An overview of the most blogged news articles is great as well but we think that the blogs should be in focus on Bloggportalen.

We will also start to send a newsletter to the registered bloggers at Bloggportalen and restart the Bloggvärldsbloggen where Anton Johansson (yes, that’s me!) will blog about all things related to blogging. I have been writing about the blogosphere and the media industry for years both for Twingly and on my personal blogs and I’m looking forward continue doing so in Bloggvärldsbloggen.

On the upcoming Twingly Blog Report for 2012 we will also include the results of a survey we will send out the registered bloggers at Bloggportalen. The survey will have questions about how, when and why we’re blogging. Is it any particular question you want us to have in the survey, let us know in the comments or tell us on Twitter!

Check out the new redesign of Bloggportalen here!

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