Bloggers like Spiegel

We have dived into the German blogosphere this week – first and foremost by participating at the OMD, Online Marketing Düsseldorf, but also by doing some research and figure counting. The Düsseldorf-adventures will be shared with you later on, but this we can tell you about the interaction between bloggers and the German media sites:

Among German media sites, Spiegel is the most linked one by both German and international bloggers.

We’ve gone through figures for this summer (June to August 2008) to see which media web sites German bloggers link the most to. As it turns out, our German friends are well-informed news readers, like most of us bloggers. The Twingly listing shows that big newspapers Spiegel, Die Welt and Süeddeutsche Zeitung make Top Three . They are followed by other daily and weekly news papers with one exception: IT-magazine Heise is ranked number four.

Spiegel and Bild get the highest rate of international linking. These sites are also available in English, which of course helps to attract the international blogosphere.

See the top list and read our press release in German.

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