Meet Peter Lindblom, new hotshot trainee at Twingly

Hey! Today it is my turn to be the “new guy” here at Twingly. I’m like Charlotta, who wrote here last week, a trainee from a polytechnic education. I studying marketing and corporate sales at Affärshögskolan here in Linköpig. I’m in the first year of the education and this is my first period of practice.

Before starting my studies here in Linköping, I lived in Västerås and worked as an economic assistant for several years. I really enjoyed the office life, until I got tired of numbers and all kind of papers so I decided to went on leave and start the search for a new life. I began my search with traveling as an backpacker around the world for almost one year and it was then I realized what I want to do with my life.

I want to have a job there I meet and talk to a lot of people! So I came home with my new ideas and experiences and started browsing after an Education that included creativity and much of the social work. A wise man told me about Affärshögskolan and it was exactly what I had searched for!

Now can I say that i really recommend this education if you have the same plans like me.

First time I heard about Twingly was when Anton was talking about their activities at my school. Before that I had no idea what Twingly was! But Anton got me interested and after the meeting I started to chat with him and one thing led to another… and now I’m sitting here at Twinglys office enjoying my first day here.

As trainee at Twingly are my primary concern to practice my skills in sales and marketing. I will do a lot of cooperation with Charlotta, which feels great. Now I have two exciting months to look forward to here at one of the coolest and most futuristic companys on the market, I’m very pleased with that!

If you want to know more about me and my work, follow my new Twitter! 🙂

Peter Lindblom

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