A whole new world

Hi Twingly supporters! Yesterday was amazing! Project www.mediebevakare.se was an absolute success. As an intern here at Twingly, this has been a fantastic learning experience. And what’s even better is all of you, who helped us make this site come true. Wonderful work, thank you!

My name is Karin Gilje, and while I’m currently doing my internship here at Twingly, I am also a student studying business development, marketing and sales at this business school: http://bit.ly/9xAsSQ in Linköping. I’ll be graduating in June of this year and will be available for lots of cool jobs. 🙂

Why am I here at Twingly? Well, I have a pretty cool idea for a future online shop and blog, and in order to make that successful, I really need to understand how the world of digital and social media works.

My first step into social media was to register on Twitter. I mean, one of the fun things about social media is to be a part of it yourself, right? It took a while to understand the tweet lingo, however, after testing Twitter out for about 10 minutes, I gave up. It’s hard to get started with it! However, now a few weeks later, I am on track and I am living my ambition.

Although I may be a traditional business student, my ways of thinking and seeing things are not quite as traditional. So, digital media should really be the industry for me to be in!

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter: @karingilje

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  1. Loc January 22, 2011 / 8:27 am

    Congratulations are in order and I hope you all the best in your future endeavor.

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