A Twingly year in review – 2010

Times flies! It has already been almost a year since we posted our end-of-the-year-review for 2009. That means it is time again to have a look back at what has happened in the world of Twingly during the past 12 month. It was an exciting year – again!

We could announce a slew of exciting partners: The Nordic shoe retailer Brandos, The Swedish political party Moderaterna and Svenska Spel, the largest gaming operator in Sweden.

We got some sweet feedback from the Twittersphere which we enjoyed sharing with you. And for the first time several Swedish media sites used our Twingly Live service to show tweets about the Olympics on their websites.

Good news in the beginning of the month: Expressen.se, one of the leading Swedish news sites with over 2 million unique visitors per week, launched Twingly Blogstream. A few days later we were happy to see Twingly Live presented in Swedish television SVT which used the service during a live broadcast to connect to the audience. We also could announce two new German partners integrating Blogstream: kino.de and video.de.

We couldn’t help noticing the hype surrounding location based services – in fact a few Twingly colleagues started to check-in to places whenever they could. That’s why we had a look at the two most popular check-in services, foursquare and Gowalla. We also noticed that besides Twingly lots of other Swedish web services are using green for their logotypes and concluded that green is the new blue-yellow. In the end of April we launched Mediebevakare.se, a Wiki (in Swedish) dedicated to social media monitoring tools.

In May Twingly celebrated its 4th birthday with a tasty favicon-cake! We also announced Lärarnas Nyheter and the biggest German general interest portal t-online as new Blogstream partners, gave you a handy overview about the evolution of social networks and introduced you to 8 essential tools for enhancing and improving your Twitter experience.

Twingly favicon-cake

We published a tutorial to explain you step by step how you can use Twingly to monitor the social web and we finally opened up Twingly Channels to everyone! In the end of June, a couple of Twingly staffers went to the yearly Almedalen Week in the Swedish town of Visby to mingle and discuss with politicians, organisations and debaters. And to show the Twingly services, of course!

In July we published a tutorial explaining how to start your own Channel on Twingly Channels and we used Twingly data to find out which Twitter clients are most popular in the blogosphere.

We compiled a top 50 ranking of Europe’s most popular startups according to the blogosphere, analyzed how the real time web made a flower pot become a web celebrity and investigated the question of how much the social web cares about traditional media. We were also happy to announce that the Foreign Office UK started using Twingly Channels.

We shed more light on the mobile version of Twingly Live and presented Swedish-Finnish telecommunication company Telia as new Blogstream partner. We also suggested you 10 popular Twingly Channels that you shouldn’t miss and started a series of Twingly team interviews.

Twingly sponsored the German Social Media Award. We described 6 use cases for Twingly Channels and got a scientific proof that services like Twingly increase the effectiveness of ads. Twingy also was nominated by Deloitte as one of Sweden’s 25 top technology startups.

We welcomed 2 new Blogstream partners: Startaeget.se, a site dedicated to everyone in Sweden who plans to start a company or who already has made this step, and the Swedish National Encyclopedia. We had a look at 30 leading web services and how they rank based on buzz in the blogosphere. Another event was the release of the ranking of Sweden’s 100 best websites – we were delighted to find many Twingly partners in the ranking published by Internetworld.

Since the number of Twingly partners is increasing at a rapid pace, we thought it could be useful to show you how different websites are using Twingly to enhance their user experience and value. So we highlighted a selection of Twingly implementations on e-commerce websites as well as on company, event and other websites.

Thank you for a great year. We are looking forward to 2011!

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  1. Marshall Kirkpatrick December 23, 2010 / 11:39 am

    Happy (almost) New Year, Twingly. Great to see you had a successful year.

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