Today is “Pay a Blogger Day” – support you favourites blogs now!

Last week we introduced you to “Pay a Blogger Day”, a commendable initiative by our friends over att Flattr which has the goal to encourage those who love to read blogs to show some support to their favourite bloggers.

Today is Pay a Blogger Day!

If you – like us at Twingly – can’t (or don’t want to) imagine an Internet without blogs, today is your chance to give something back to the millions of people publishing news, thoughts, observations and other kind of content on blogs, creating a more interesting, diverse and information-rich web.

Let’s all make sure that today, bloggers around the world will feel especially appreciated, by – for example – clicking their Flattr buttons (if you have a Flattr account), looking for a donation button and giving a little gift, buying books or merchandise promoted on their websites, or by spreading the word about Pay a Blogger Day on Twitter, Facebook and other platforms.

In case you wonder about which big news sites and blogs have covered Pay a Blogger Day, here is a list of selected articles encouraging readers to show their support for blogs today:

The Telegraph: ‘Pay a blogger day’ launches next week

Mashable: Pay a Blogger Day Hopes You’ll Pay for the Content You Love

GigaOm: Can ‘Pay a Blogger Day’ help Flattr gain velocity?

Articstartup: Flattr Hopes To Get ‘Pay A Blogger Day’ Rolling

Support your favourite blogs on “Pay a Blogger Day”, November 29

Twingy loves blogs, and we’d like nothing more than to see the blogosphere grow and flourish. That’s why we fully support the latest initiative of our friends at Flattr. The startup offering a social micropayments service for content producers and creative people has come up with the clever idea of a “Pay a Blogger Day”, a day when everybody is encouraged to support bloggers and to show them their appreciation.

Before you continue to read, please mark November 29 as “Pay A Blogger Day” in your calender.

We spoke to Andrus Purde from the Flattr team about how they came up with the idea and in which ways we all are encouraged to support bloggers on November 29.

Hi Andrus. Pay a Blogger Day is an initiative by Flattr, supported by a couple of other companies who are friends of Bloggers (among them Twingly). Can you explain how and why you came up with the idea?
We at Flattr are always looking for ways to make our service more useful for bloggers. In one brainstorming session we talked about that to really make a difference we need both, the “chicken and the egg”, so providing good tools as well as encouraging people to use them. From there it was a small and logical step to an awareness campaign that is now Pay a Blogger Day.

How exactly does it work, what do you want people around the web to do on November 29?
We want to inspire people to look for ways they can support their favourite bloggers: Look for the donation or Flattr button, buy an e-book or something via an affiliate link. At first on November 29, but in the future, why not every day?!

How are you going to raise awareness during the days leading to the 29th? Any ideas how you could make big news sites cover your campaign?
The minisite has some viral features built into it which have worked rather well. We’re also happy to have Twingly and other partners aboard that do spread the word. But perhaps the most important thing is that feedback from bloggers has been great, and they’ve been instrumental in getting the word out. That in a way is much more important than what big news sites say.

How many people do you think will participate globally? Do you have any figure in mind (even though of course this can’t be measured)?
If we see bloggers post or tweet that there were more donations and purchases on November 29, this has been a successful cause/campaign. And of course the more bloggers, the better.

It’s not a coincidence that Flattr is the company behind Pay a Blogger Day, since bloggers have been a main target group of Flattr from day one. Can you tell us a bit about what’s going on at Flattr? Any new features that you are going to release or ideas you are working on?
Pay a Blogger Day is not pure altruism. If more bloggers are successful in being supported by their communities, there’s a bigger market for Flattr to operate in. So it’s a win-win. Besides raising awareness about the need to give back to bloggers we are making it easier to discover flattrable content. We also want to make using Flattr become an even more social experience, and we have just released new partner tools, so adding Flattr buttons on community sites is now very easy.


Using Twingly Insight to see who blogs the most about a brand or product

A few weeks ago we launched Twingly Insight, a blog analytics tool for professionals. It’s one of the most advanced ways to analyse the blogosphere and it’s based on the vast amount of data that we collect about the global blogosphere.

There are lots of things you can do with the data from the Twingly Insight reports you create around any keyword or brand. One of the many examples is an instant overview about which blogs are mentioning a brand or keyword the most within a specific time period.

To illustrate that, we just picked the names of three popular Swedish tech companies and ran them through Twingly Insight to see who mentions them the most. Here are the results!

Blogs mentioning Spotify the most since july 21 2011:

Tune Of The Day
This Is Noise

Blogs mentioning iZettle the most since july 21 2011:

GP Teknik & Trender
VK bloggen – Mikael Hansson
Party pinglan

Blogs mentioning Pingdom the most since july 21 2011:
Nirmal TV
The Next Web

Follow what people are tweeting about #SIME11

SIME, northern Europe’s largest conference about the Internet and digital opportunities, opens up its doors in Stockholm. During Tuesday and Wednesday, 1600 guests will listen to and discuss with 60 speakers from the worlds of media, telecom, communication, technology and finance, participate in workshops and meet each other to exchange thoughts and ideas about digital opportunities.

Among the speakers are Niklas Zennström, the founder of Skype, Rikard Steiber, Global Marketing Director Mobile & Social at Google and Jacob de Geer, CEO and founder of iZettle.

Here at Twingly we are very happy that SIME has chosen to use our Twingly Live tool to show the realtime feed of tweets from and about #Sime11. So if you can’t attend the event but would like to stay up to date about what’s happening at the conference venue in the Swedish capital, click here and get the stream of tweets as they are being published.

The Twingly Live stream is also shown at the conference!

And the coolest thing: It’s also included in the free SIME iPhone app, and even there tweets are updating in realtime. We hope you like it!

Impressions from the FOWA conference

In the beginning of October, we sent our Twingly team colleague Kristoffer to London to attend the Future of Web Apps conference, a 3 day event aimed at Web Developers and Entrepreneurs. Today he tells us what he thinks of the conference and if he would travel there again.

Hi Kristoffer. What are you working with at Twingly?
I’m the Interface Developer of Twingly, which means that I’m mostly building the stuff that our users interact with in their browsers.

In the beginning of October you travelled to London to attend the Future of Web Apps (FOWA) conference. Was this more of a Twingly “business trip” or a private trip that you would have made in any case?
It was a business trip on Twingly’s behalf. I probably wouldn’t have visited FOWA otherwise. I’m glad I decided to go since the conference was even better than I was hoping for.

Was it your first time at FOWA?
Yes. I was hoping for a nice conference with interesting talks, and I got that. Then I was positively surprised that there were a lot of spontaneous discussions going on all over the place.

What kind of hopes did you have, which speakers or sessions were you looking forward to the most?
I was really looking forward to listen to Scott Cachon from Github and Chris Coyier from Wufoo. Sadly I missed the first part of Chris’ talk, since it attended a very interesting discussion that started after Scotts’ talk. Scott was talking about the office culture at Github and he went through a lot of good practices regarding CSS.

Did you expect to learn anything new from the talks or was it more the general atmosphere and seeing those guys live on stage that you were looking forward to?
Well, I was for sure expecting to learn something from the first day, which was an “iOS Bootcamp” where we went through the basics of programming for iOS devices. For the the two days of talks on FOWA, I was hoping to learn things, mainly from the “non tech” talks. I know it might sound a little bit strange since I’m a developer, but as a developer you come across different resources regarding programming all day long in your regular work. Listening to talks about marketing in many ways offered more new knowledge.

Was there a speaker that managed to really surprise you? Somebody who said something that you even now, a month later, still remember?
I’d say that both, Scott and Chris who I mentioned above managed to make very strong impressions. Chris gave a very inspiring talk about CSS; I didn’t expect that level of energy on a subject like that. And it was very interesting hearing Scott talk about the culture on GitHub. A lot of the people in the audience, myself included, were surprised hearing that they had that level of “anarchy”. On the other hand, it did make sense when he explained it a little bit further. If you simplify it a lot it would almost boil down to “Make sure your employees are happy and good things will happen”

Did you collect and hand out a lot of business cards?
It was a lot socializing and interesting discussions in the breaks, but I didn’t exchange that many business cards. It might partially be explained by a somewhat tight schedule and that a lot of people left the conference quite fast at the end of the day.

The food of a conference can be a critical success factor. How was it?
After the workshop day I was a bit worried. For lunch there were only a few sandwiches – tasty ones, but I wouldn’t have settled for something like that on a regular day. However, I was not prepared for the amount of food we got on the two days of the conference. It was excellent. Everyone I spoke to during the lunch (which was a good time to chat around) was incredibly satisfied with the food. Usually it seems to be a weak spot on conferences, but the people at FOWA really managed to satisfy everyone. But I have to figure out if the Brits are that crazy about desserts as the meals on FOWA made me suspect…The desserts basically had the same size as the serving of the regular food… : )

If you would have to choose 4 international conferences you can visit during a year, would you choose FOWA again?
I would visit FOWA again in a heartbeat. It was that good!

Interview with Matti Palm from Greenhill Relations about Twingly Insight

Här kan du läsa intervjun på svenska.

On Wednesday we revealed Twingly Insight, blog analytics for professionals. Matti Palm works at the Swedish PR agency Greenhill Relations and had the chance to try Insight before the public launch. We have asked him a couple of question about his first impressions, why blog analytics are important and who can benefit from them the most.

Who are you and what are you working with?
My name is Matti Palm, I’m PR consultant with a background in journalism and media analytics. Together with my colleagues I run Greenhill Relations, a PR and communications agency with a clear focus on social media consultancy.

At Greenhill you have been doing blog analytics for a while now in cooperation with Twingly. Why do you think that is important?
The blogosphere is complex and consists of several different clusters of blogs, for example political blogs, fashion blogs or tech blogs. Without a deep analysis you don’t know which blogs are the leading ones and which are those that everybody else listens to.

On Wednesday Twingly launched Insight and you already had the chance to try it. What do you think about the tool?
I love statistics, thus I naturally see a lot of value in Insight. But Insight isn’t only for statistic geeks. Twingly is the only player which has raw data about blogs which reaches many months back into the past, which is a requirement for being able to create meaningful blog analytics.

How do you at Greenhill use Twingly Insight and the information you gather?
In our eyes the best way to start with a new client is with an extensive analysis. In the cases when that is possible the analysis creates a solid basis to work with during upcoming years and a shared understanding about the status quo and what needs to be done.

How do you think Insight will help companies and who can benefit the most from using the service?
I hope people will try to gain answers to real questions when looking at the stats, instead of only using it to see whether their own activities paid off and to get key metrics. In my eyes the best start would be concrete questions like “What are we going to accomplish if we start a blog” and “Which role will our blog play within the existing blog landscape”. With Twingly Insight you can get answers to those questions. Those who will benefit from Insight the most are information and communication professionals at companies and PR agencies, but also planners working at advertising agencies as well as customer support representatives.

Twingly and Greenhill will together hold courses on how to do a blog analysis (in Swedish only). Can you tell us a bit more about this initiative and who should participate?
Yes this will be a lot of fun! Our goal is to help people to get started and succeed with the analysis. But we’ll also discuss a lot about how to use the data you gather. Information and communication professionals as well as PR consultants are our main target group, but I hope we will be able to attract even other people interested in or working with the field of blog analytics and social media.

Here you can read more about the courses (in Swedish).

How do you personally think the blogosphere will evolve in the next years? Will people blog more or less?
I’m not sure if they will blog more or less. But blogs are really the core of social media and will continue to be so. Think about it: There is nothing better to tweet than then link to your latest blog post.

Intervju med Matti Palm från Greenhill Relations om Twingly Insight

Here you can read this interview in English.

På onsdaglanserade vi Twingly Insight, vår verktyg för professionella blogganalyser. Matti Palm jobbar på PR-byrån Greenhill Relations och har kunnat testa Twingly Insight innan lanseringen. Vi har frågat honom om vad han tycker, varför blogganalyser är viktiga och vem som kan dra mest nytta av dem.

Matti Palm

Berätta vem du är och vad du jobbar med.
Jag heter Matti Palm och är PR-konsult med ett förflutet inom journalistik och medieanalyser. Nu driver jag, tillsammans med mina kollegor, Greenhill Relations. Vi arbetar en hel del med rådgivning kring sociala medier.

På Greenhill har ni gjort blogganalyser sedan länge i samarbete med Twingly. Varför tyckte ni att det var viktigt?
Bloggosfären är komplex och består egentligen av flera olika kluster av bloggar, exempelvis politikbloggar, modebloggar eller teknikbloggar. Utan en analys vet man inte vilka bloggar som är viktiga, vilka de andra lyssnar på, bland annat.

Nu har Twingly lanserat Insight och du har kunnat testa tjänsten redan innan. Vad tycker du om den?
Jag älskar ju statistik, så här får jag såklart allt jag behöver i den vägen. Men det är inte bara det. Twingly är den enda aktören som har rådata från bloggar som sträcker sig många månader tillbaka. Och har man inte det så måste man veta i förväg vad man kommer att vara intresserad av när man i framtiden vill göra en analys. Så strukturerad är inte jag, helt enkelt!

Hur använder ni på Greenhill tjänsten och vad gör ni med informationen ni får ut?
Vi älskar att starta arbetet med en ny kund med en grundlig analys. Det är såklart inte alltid praktiskt möjligt. Men i de fall vi gjort det så har analysen skapat en grund att stå på i flera år framåt. Det skapar också en gemensam förståelse tillsammans med kunden hur spelplanen ser ut.

På vilket sätt tror du att Insight kommer hjälpa företag och vem kan egentligen ha nytta av tjänsten?
Jag hoppas att folk kommer att ställa verkliga frågor när de tittar på statistiken och inte bara använda den till att följa upp sina egna aktiviteter och nyckeltal. Jag vill helst starta med en konkret fråga, exempelvis: vad kommer vi att kunna åstadkomma om vi själva startar en blogg? Vilken roll kommer den bloggen att få? Sådana svar kan man få med Twingly Insight. De som först och främst kommer att använda den är informationsproffs på företag och PR-konsulter. Men jag tror att många fler skulle kunna hitta på saker som jag inte kan tänka mig, exempelvis planners på reklambyråer och kundtjänstansvariga. Jag skull gärna göra en analys tillsammans med dem!

Twingly och Greenhil kommer tillsammans hålla kurser om hur man gör blogganalyser. Kan du berätta lite mer om kursen och vem som borde komma?
Ja, det ska bli jätteroligt! Vi kommer att hjälpa folk att komma igång och göra en analys. Men vi kommer nog lika mycket att diskutera vad man kan ha en analys till. Framförallt tror jag informationsproffs på företag och organisationer och PR-konsulter som vill kunna sälja analyser kommer. Men jag hoppas också att vi kan locka andra, exempelvis de jag nämnde tidigare, folk från reklambyråer och kundtjänstansvariga.

Här kan ni läsa mer om utbildningen.

Vad tror du personligen om hur blogosfären kommer utvecklas de närstma åren? Kommer folk bloggar mer eller mindre?
Jag vet inte om det blir mer eller mindre. Men bloggar finns verkligen i centrum av de sociala medierna. Det finns inget bättre att twittra om än sitt senaste blogginlägg!

Twingly launches Wiki for German Social Media Monitoring Tools

(The German version of this post you’ll find here.)

Do you also want to know what’s been said about you on the interweb? Google reveals it all, but still, what is the quintessence of it? You realise that you need help. So you google again in order to find out who could help you, but crikey, there’s a whole jungle of different services out there. And the question remains – which one of them suits your needs best?

You’re not alone with this dilemma. Daily hundreds or even thousands of people in marketing and PR are exposed to it. Anyway we’d like to help. That’s why today we launch (in German!).

On you’ll find the the most important social media monitoring services on the German market. Many of them have already posted a short presentation which helps you decide whether a service could be something for you by giving you details regarding the main features and prices. shall become the most important reference-site to turn to in order to find quickly the SMM-service that suits ones needs best.

Already now over a dozen services present themselves in a short presentation and there are more to come during the following week.

The first services to register were bc.lab, blueReport, Brandwatch, BUZZRank, cogia intelligence, construktiv, ethority, Infospeed, Kantar Media, Landau Media, na-media sonarpressrelations,  rapid-i, Toocan, Vico Research Consulting and Webbosaurus

The idea is to give all companies offering SMM-services for the German market the possibility to easily post their presentation and even update their information in the future. We therefore chose the form of a media-wiki.

Do you offer a social media monitoring tool that is not listed yet? The go and present yourself!

Why does Twinglylaunch Like most of you we also experienced that it is almost impossible to keep track of all social media monitoring tools. That is why we already in April 2010 decided to launch Following that we got the question from our German friends if we couldn’t set up something similar for the German market. That is how became one of my projects this year – and finally it is live!

A big Thank you also goes to Stefanie Aßmann. Her article about different SMM-tools on the German web magazine t3n  was an inspiration to finally start this project. Stefanie wrote her master thesis about social media monitoring, which she published in parts on her blog. Both of us had a very giving discussion during this year’s dmexco and we are in regular exchange since then.

Stefanie continues to write about the latest happenings within the monitoring industry. One of the many reasons why you find her blog Social Media Monitoring linked to We consider it a very valuable read and recommend that you pop by there once in a while and fresh up your knowledge! Read Stefanie’s article on today’s launch here.

Last and definitely not least we would like to thank all suppliers of SMM-Tools who already present themselves on You and your enthusiasm are the central part for the future success of this new platform!

/Anja Rauch

Twingly launcht Wiki für deutsche Social Media Monitoring Tools

(The English version of this article is available here)

Gehören Sie zu denen, die gerne wissen würden, was man so im Netz über Sie sagt? Und dann fangen Sie an zu googlen, sehen was alles so über Sie im Netz steht, wissen aber nicht, wie Sie die wichtigsten Informationen und Schlüsse für sich daraus ziehen? Sie stellen fest, dass Sie Hilfe brauchen. Wieder googeln also. Social Media Monitoring heißt das Schlagwort. Und dann trifft Sie (mental) vielleicht der Schlag, denn Sie entdecken, dass es eine Unmenge an Werkzeugen gibt, die Ihnen potentiell helfen könnten. Bloß – welches davon ist das beste für Sie?

Diese Frage stellen sich wohl hunderte, wenn nicht tausende Marketing- und PR-Menschen jeden Tag. Wir hoffen, dass wir da nun Abhilfe schaffen können. Denn seit heute gibt es (auf Deutsch!).

Auf finden Sie die wichtigsten Social Media Monitoring Anbieter des deutschsprachigen Raumes gelistet, viele davon mit einer kurzen Präsentation, die Ihnen einen schnellen Überblick zu Service und Preisen gibt. soll also Ihre neue Referenz-Seite sein, um einen zu Ihnen passenden Social Media Monitoring Dienst schnell zu finden.

Bislang sind bereits mehr als ein Dutzend Dienste mit einer Präsentation vertreten, und es kommen noch einige in den nächsten Wochen hinzu.

Die ersten Anbieter, die sich auf vorstellen sind bc.lab, blueReport, Brandwatch, BUZZRank, cogia intelligence, construktiv, ethority, Infospeed, Kantar Media, Landau Media, na-media sonar, pressrelations, rapid-iToocan, Vico Research Consulting and Webbosaurus

Die Idee ist, dass alle Anbieter von Social Media Monitoring Diensten sich hier listen. Die Form eines Media-Wiki ermöglicht schnelles Einstellen und Aktualisieren der eigenen Präsentation.

Auf diese Weise soll zu der Referenzseite für deutsche Social Media Monitoring Dienste werden!

Sind Sie Anbieter und Ihr Dienst ist noch nicht vertreten? Dann los, stellen Sie sich vor!

Warum launcht Twingly Auch wir finden, dass es kaum möglich ist, einen Überblick im Dschungel des Angebots der unterschiedlichen Social Media Monitoring Werkzeuge zu behalten. Im April 2010 launchten wir deshalb bereits für den schwedischen Markt Daraufhin erhielten wir Nachfragen wo denn eine deutsche Version bliebe. Dies wurde damit zu einem von meinen Projekten und nun ist es endlich live!

Mein großer Dank geht dabei an Stefanie Aßmann, deren Artikel über verschiedene SMM-Tools bei t3n dazu im Frühjahr den ersten Anstoß zum Projekt gab. Stefanie hat ihre Master-Thesis zum Thema geschrieben und diese auf Ihrem Blog veröffentlicht. Wir beide hatten auf der diesjährigen dmexco ein äußerst konstruktives Gespräch zum Thema und sind seitdem im Austausch hierzu miteinander.

Stefanie schreibt auch weiterhin über aktuelle Neuigkeiten aus der Monitoring-Branche, deshalb finden Sie ihren Blog Social Media Monitoring auch auf verlinkt. Es lohnt sich wirklich, dort ab und an mal reinzuschauen! Hier ist Stefanies Artikel zum heutigen Launch.

Vor allem aber bedanken wir uns herzlich bei allen SMM-Anbietern, die bereits Teil von sind bzw. es zukünftig sein werden. Sie und ihr Engagement  sind das Herzstück für den Erfolg dieser neuen Plattform!

/Anja Rauch

Today we’re launching Twingly Insight – blog analytics for professionals

Today we’re proud to launch our new product Twingly Insight – blog analytics for professionals, providing downloadable spreadsheets of blog data that supports you in creating your own process for analysing social media.

Twingly Insight is one of the most advanced ways to analyse the blogosphere; brands, topics, events or anything else that you want to monitor. You simply search as you would in a normal search engine and get all the search results, data and statistics in one single Microsoft Excel file.

Every report includes both, rich data on the included blog posts and top lists of most occurring blogs as well as tags, links and more. Twingly Insight serves as a basis for lots of different analysis purposes, especially for you, who are PR professionals, marketeers, media strategists, planners, political strategists, journalists and social media specialists. We hope that Twingly Insight will be a useful tool for everyone in need of a chunk of specific blog data for their projects, whichever these are.

Do you want to try out Twingly Insight? Get started right away and download your first spreadsheet in minutes from now!