Reloaded: Europe’s 50 most popular startups according to the blogosphere

Photo (CC): Tomas Fano

In the beginning of August last year we published a ranking of Europe’s 50 most popular startups according to the blogosphere. We took this list from the TechCrunch Europe Top 100 index and analysed the buzz these startups were able to create within the global blogosphere based on Twingly blogsearch data.

About half a year later it’s time to for an updated version of our ranking. This time we focused on the time frame between November 20 2010 and February 20 2011. We also updated our list of European startups that were included in our analysis (and removed a few former startups that have recently been acquired).

So here we go again: Twingly presents Europe’s 50 most popular startups according to the blogosphere (with the last ranking’s position in brackets):

01 Spotify (1)
02 Dailymotion (3)
03 Miniclip (16)
04 SoundCloud (5)
05 Tuenti (4)
06 TweetDeck (6)
07 DailyBooth (11)
08 Shazam (10)
09 Netvibes (7)
10 Twingly (8)
11 fring (9)
12 Netlog (19)
13 Stardoll (2)
14 Trigami (17)
15 Jolicloud (42)
16 Tweetmeme (12)
17 Nimbuzz (14)
18 Prezi (-)
19 eBuddy (13)
20 Qype (20)
21 Deezer (22)
22 Jimdo (15)
23 Bambuser (27)
24 Zemanta (33)
25 ShoZu (24)
26 Skyscanner (41)
27 Wonga (37)
28 Swoopo (35)
29 sevenload (23)
30 eRepublik (34)
31 Plastic Logic (31)
32 zanox (26)
33 Fon (43)
34 Layar (21)
35 Voddler (18)
36 (29)
37 We7 (50)
38 Trovit (25)
39 Twenga (46)
40 Zoopla (-)
41 simfy (-)
42 Rebtel (41)
43 Zopa (39)
44 Songkick (-)
45 (-)
46 FigLeaves (30)
47 Doodle (40)
48 Modu (44)
49 Wooga (-)
50 MyHeritage (28)

Being able to make users and journalists blog about a web startup does not necessarily mean that its products or services are good. Furthermore, consumer oriented web tools and blog centric services usually get more coverage on blogs than business-to-business companies, which is why the list is dominated by these kind of apps. Having said this, publicity is a requirement for succeeding as a tech startup, so the startups in this list seem to be on track regarding user awareness!

In some cases the search results were interfered by Spam and pure SEO postings or articles mentioning the same word, meaning something else. We then had to remove a part of the findings, which led to a lower ranking. When you study the list keep in mind that this is not the one and only, definite ranking, and there might be some startups missing. But it for sure gives you some useful insights into which services are being discussed the most in blogs all over the world.

If your Europe based startup is getting a lot of buzz and is missing in the ranking, or if you know a service that could be popular enough to appear on this list, please let us know in the comments, so that we can include it next time!

One thought on “Reloaded: Europe’s 50 most popular startups according to the blogosphere

  1. Exposure PR March 17, 2011 / 14:10

    Congrats to the top 50 most popular start ups. Keep up the good work guys!

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