derFreitag one of the best designed newspapers of the world!

The Society for News Design (short SND) nominated derFreitag as one of the best designed newspapers in print! They share this award with the names of Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung and New York Times.

We think this is great, and that not only because derFreitag happens to be one of our customers. The award they got shows that it really pays off to dare doing something new, even when you are not a huge paper.

derFreitag did a complete redesign for its print version in 2009 and they launched almost at the same time their new online concept to go with it. This was a successful step for integrating print and online to one solid media presence.

An encouragement to all traditional media sites online that currently contemplate of how to face the changes in the media world best and how to integrate these.

Be daring and win!

And more important than getting an award is to win and keep the user’s engagement and trust by meeting their needs, entering the waters they wade in, and thus create great user experience for them. Offline and online. With the latter we might be able to help even, but you probably figured that.

Twingly Live Breakthrough

Image credit: Anders Ljungberg

Today, when the Olympics starts in Vancouver, several Swedish media companies are for the first time connecting their news coverage of the event with live updates from Twingly Live.

Twingly Live is a realtime stream of tweets for a specific topic or event and we’re happy that Aftonbladet, Dagens Nyheter, Svenska Dagbladet , SVT and Expressen will all use our service to let this be part of their news coverage from the Olympics. Martin nails it in the press release why this is so cool:

“People are multitasking in front of their TV sets. They follow TV-broadcasts and read news sites on the Internet while at the same time they’re tweeting and commenting through social media,” says Martin Källström, CEO of Twingly. “It’s a fantastic development that increases peoples interest in news reports. With Twingly Live media take advantage of this online engagement.

What we’ve seen is that Twingly Live is very optimized for realtime broadcasts. Again, Martin explain why our realtime approach is so important for these types of media coverage and why a minor delay makes it all a lot less interesting:

“It is important that the on-going discussion in social media really is transferred in realtime when broadcasted live,” says Martin Källström. “You might think that a small delay is not all that annoying, but the dialogue is interrupted even if just delayed by a few seconds. Therefore, real time technology is a prerequisite for being able to link the discussion in social media with the direct reports from the traditional media.”

We’ll update you with the url:s to their sites as soon as they’re live. Be sure to follow us on Twitter to get noticed.

Twingly Live at Stora Bloggpriset

Tonight one of Sweden’s largest newspapers, Aftonbladet, is rewarding the most popular Swedish blogs at the award show Stora Bloggpriset. We’re of course attending this exciting event, but we are also providing a Twingly Live-channel that you can follow at So if you are tweeting about the awards, just use the hashtag #bloggpriset and your tweet will show directly at Dont hesitate to get in touch if you want to use Twingly Live for your event, either on screens at the venue or on your website.