Welcome to the era of Guessperimentation

This is a guest post by Marit Woody:

Guessing and experimenting. That is what I do for a living. Of course not without a strategic plan and I try to keep guesses qualified. But it all comes down to trial and error, with a crucial new twist to it: once guesses and theories are empirically tested, methods, tools and truths have already changed again.

I use the new opportunities for communicating that companies like Twingly, GoogleFacebookTwitter and others offer in services like Google WaveTwingly Channels and Twingly live. What those companies do is in fact guessperimenting. They won’t wait for a product to be booringly perfect before letting people use it. Instead they put something they’ve guessperimented on out there for users to try, talk about, help develop and bring new ideas into. Things don’t come with a user manual anymore, because what use would it be when you don’t know how the users will make use of the product? It’s actually easier for a company to just put stuff out there for people to try than to wait and spend years in developing the ultimate product.

So what qualities make people and companies successful in guessperimenting? I suppose that a well executed trend analysis combined with a lot of feeling is a great way to start. A good knowledge of your trade theory to lean on, yet still beeing fearless and not tied down by old truths and traditions of the industry. And creativity of course. Didn’t I just describe a jazz musician? Guessperimenting and improvising his or her way to reach new highs.

For people working in PR, advertising and other kinds of communication, social media and the real time web has indeed meant a lot has changed. I, for instance, believe it means the end of using target audiences as one of the bases of communication. Read more (in Swedish) here . We need to guessperiment our way to make our clients reach out and we need our clients to be courageous and have faith in us while doing so. More importantly, we need to make sure the individual finds what he or she is looking for. Because what consumers do today is they seek information and form their own groups and opinions around a subject or a brand. If I’m looking to buy a new mobile phone it’s easier for a mobile phone company to find me through what I seek, than trying to pin point what type of person would be likely to want a new mobile phone. That’s why it’s completely outdated to be talking about target groups or target audiences.

Traditional media and the music industry are also guessperimenting big time right now. They should have started sooner. What will happen to services like Spotify now that artists complain about not getting paid properly and therefore withdraw their tracks? Spotify will have to guessperiment some more. And will Rupert Murdoch really find more revenue by boycotting Google? He should be adopting the guessperimenting strategy.

The times couldn’t possibly be more exciting and the opportunities are endless. Everyday something new happens and cool services on the web emerge. And the use is completely developed by the users. May the era of guessperimentaion never end!

Marit Woody work as a pr-agent at Greenhill Relations in Stockholm. She has been in the music business for several years before going into PR, and is now specialized in communication on the real time web and in social media.

We love to announce new Partners, yes we do

We’re happy to announce some awesome new partners launching Twingly today.

First of all it’s a couple of more local newspapers in Southern Sweden that have launched Twingly. Skånskan, NorraSkåne and Laholmstidning are now using Twingly to embrace the discussion around their articles with social media.

But there’s more.

Webbtv.se is a new site collecting all the web tv content from Sweden. Since there’s more and more web tv content out there, it’s a quite nice idea, and we’re glad that they wanted to use Twingly to link back to blogs straight from the start. So why not check it out right away!

Another exciting launch is Coolstuff.se, which is a web shop for “cool stuff”. They’re pretty big here in Sweden and when Mattias was looking at the Twingly Blogstream-integration earlier today he said, while looking at their top list, “wow, this is awesome! I just found the perfect Christmas gift for my dad.” so it seems they already have a new customer because of the Blogstream widget ;).

Coolstuff are also launching Twingly on their Danish and German sites Coolstuff.dk and Yomoy.de.

Happy blogging!

Ooops, we’re down

Update: we’re back and everything should work again. Thanks for your patience!

We’re sorry for this, but Twingly.com is down. Also data customers using Livefeed our Analytics are effected. The Blogstream Widget could have some problems but should work as it should for most of our partners and is loading for everyone, but new bloglinks might not get into it in some cases.

Our great dev-team is working hard to get it up again.

We’ll keep you updated here and on Twitter. The Twingly Live stream could also be a good thing to follow.

The Swedish EU Presidency goes Twingly

This is a guest post from the editorial team of the Swedish EU Presidency:

Swedish EU Presidency The editorial team for se2009.eu – the Swedish EU Presidency website – has been working since 1 June this year to bring the latest EU news to our readers.

Now we are taking one step further by linking the Presidency website to the blogosphere with the help of Twingly Blogstream. We believe that by doing this we can attract more visitors and new, enthusiastic readers. And we hope that you who are bloggers will discover se2009.eu and enjoy the opportunity to comment on what we write about. 

Time is flying by, and only weeks remain of the Swedish EU Presidency before Spain takes over in the EU driving seat at the beginning of next year. A lot will happen before then though. In a couple of weeks, the Treaty of Lisbon will enter into force. In December we will be reporting from the major Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, where Sweden, as holder of the EU Presidency, will represent the EU.

This week we are attending the jumbo meeting in Brussels, which includes meetings between the EU’s foreign affairs ministers, defence ministers and international development cooperation ministers, a conference on eGovernment in Malmö and, not least, the extra summit taking place tomorrow, Thursday, in Brussels. At the summit, the EU leaders are to reach agreement on who will be given the new top EU posts.

We are the first holders of the EU Presidency to connect our website to blogs in this way. This is a trial. After the end of the year, there will be no more news reports on se2009.eu and the trial is concluded. After this, we will evaluate our work and how Twingly has worked for us. We can already say that we would be pleased to see more authorities follow suit and try connecting their websites to blogs.

We who work with se2009.eu will continuously pre-moderate the comments posted. Read more about moderation in our Netiquette. Therefore there may sometimes be a slight delay before a post is published.

We hope that this trial will have a good result and that it will provide nourishment for what has become our baby – se2009.eu.   

se2009.eu Editorial Team, by
Tobias Nilsson, Project Manager, and Teo Zetterman, Web Editor.
Tobias NilssonTeo Zetterman

Introducing Permalinks & Email notifications

One of the problems with the social aspects of Channels so far has been that no one knows if someone answered their comment and that it’s been more or less impossible to find the story again.

Until now. Today we’re rolling out some sweet permalinks and email notifications that’ll keep you noticed and active in the discussions, which we hope will make Channels more social and a place where discussions are flowing like never before.

Wanna try it? Here’s a nice little discussion you can join, simply click on this permalink

Twingly Hold’em

Once again, we are proud to welcome a new member to our fastgrowing Twingly-family. This time it’s Sweden’s most popular website for pokerplayers, Poker.se, that’s starting to use Twingly Blogstream. We are looking forward to some interesting comments from the blogosphere – there’s without a doubt a lot to be said about the topic of gambling.

And, of course we have to leave you with a little teaser. We are working with another pretty exciting launch, so stay tuned…

Twingly Live is Live!

The realtime web is very useful when it comes to following and commenting on realtime IRL events like concerts, conferences, tv broadcasts or similar. We also believe this will be one of the main usages of Twingly Channels in the future.

So, we developed a neat little backchannel solution called Twingly Live until Channels is ready for that kind of usage. And it’s awesome.

Twingly Live is a realtime Twitter stream for a certain keyword. There’s no delay between Twitter and Twingly Live, so when you’re posting something at Twitter it will show instantly in Twingly Live. It’s easy to understand why we thought Twingly Live was a good name.

Martin explained why Twingly Live is important in our press release:

“Twitter is a fantastic service but tweets often reach the receiver with a few seconds delay, which may seem paradoxical when Twitter for many is the very definition of the real-time web,” said Martin Källström. “Latency greatly disrupts the flow of the dialogue, the same way as phone calls over long distances used to be uncomfortable. It’s also difficult to have rapid group conversations. Twingly Live solves all these problems. It is much faster than Twitter Search, for example, and can be moderated by the owner.”

Twingly Live has already been used at some events and will be the official backchannel solution for SIME on 11-12 November. Other events that have used it are the EU-conference Visby Agenda, the Social Democratic Party Congress and Really Realtime Conference.

Read more about Twingly Live in our press release or simply check it out.