Apply to create a Twingly Channel!

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Twingly Channels closer to launch than ever and on Thursday October 1st we’ll finally release the Twingly Channels Private Beta!

Last week we invited our registered users at to apply to create a Twingly Channel for their interest or favorite topic. It’s a understatement that we were amazed by all the great ideas and cool people all over the world that wanted to create a channel.. Thanks, users! You rock our world!

Our users had the opportunity first, now anybody can have a go at it! Apply to create a Twingly Channel at

As for the upcoming launch, we can’t even begin to tell you how excited we are. Watch this space Thursday for info on how to get your hands on your own beta invite code!

Look out Ronaldo, you can now get blog links from a Portuguese football site

Everybody knows that football is big in Portugal and one of the largest football sites there, Maisfutebol, is also one of the most visited sites overall in Portugal. Football is engaging!

We’re therefore very happy to announce that they’ve launched Twingly on their site today! So when you blog about their content, you’ll get a link back just as on Publicò and iOnline, the other Portuguese sites that are using Twingly.

Happy blogging, Portugal!

Tweet for World Childhood Foundation

As you might remember from last year, the Swedish energy company Vattenfall donated money to World Childhood Foundation for every blog post linking to their campaign site We provided the technology for making that possible.

Now they’ve been adding tweets to their counter, so you can tweet instead of blog to get them donate. For every tweet with a link (links shortened with url shorteners are counted, too) to they’re donating 10 kr (about 1€). Blog links are still counted and for each of them they’re donating 20 kr (about 2€).

So, plz rt.

This is Twingly Channels

The realtime web is overwhelming us with information. Search is not social. RSS is a broken promise. Twingly Channels brings a revolution to these three areas.

A Twingly Channel acts as a social filter on top of feeds and realtime search, allowing you to set up a social memetracker for any topic or event. The underlying idea is that by aggregating feeds and realtime search results into a channel where many people sharing the same interest can discuss and vote on the content (while also providing a filter to solve the prevalent problem of information overflow) we lower the learning curve to the realtime web.

Twingly Channels provides instant user value without the user having to spend time finding the right people to follow. Following topics rather than individuals, you immediately tap into the collective intelligence of a group of people sharing your interests. Or you can create your own channel and invite others to assist you in picking feeds and keywords to monitor.

A Channel consists of two views. While the Incoming view shows the full stream, the Popular view is filtered using attention data from the realtime web and from users posting links, comments and likes.

Here’s a bundle of screenshots showing these examples of these two views (click to enlarge!):

Web 2.0 - Popular_1251724977106 Social media - Incoming_1251721628158

One specific use of Twingly Channels will be to monitor all conversations around a brand, for internal use or to provide a social space for fans of the brand (click to enlarge!).

Spotify - Popular_1251894845154 Spotify - Incoming_1251893782299

Not easily shown in a screenshot is the fact that everything in Twingly Channels is realtime: the incoming stream of new content, user comments and likes and the filtering into the memetracker view. We leverage our existing search engine for blogs and microblogs to bring new results into relevant channels based on the search terms channel owners have defined.

Some coverage on Twingly Channels so far:

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The Next Web:
Twingly Channels could be the FriendFeed beater we’ve been waiting for

UPDATED In German:

Gemeinsam gegen die Informationsüberflutung
Translated: United against the information overload

In Swedish:

Twingly skapar ny mikrobloggtjänst

Ny Teknik:
Smartare sök när användarna hjälps åt
Translated: Smarter search when users help each other
Twingly från Linköping utmanar Google
Translated: Twingly from Linköping challenges Google

Anders Thoresson:
Twingly vill göra RSS-läsaren social
Translated: Twingly wants to make the RSS-reader social