Drytrend.com new e-commerce partner

Amazon is buying Zappos and e-commerce are hotter than ever. For us as well, new partners are on their way! Today we’re pleased to welcome Drytrend.com as our latest e-commerce partner here in Sweden.

It’s also nice to see a web shop that is very niched using Twingly, Drytrend.com is selling products for bathrooms. Here is for example a new towel they’re selling or a body cream from Claus Porto.

Stay tuned, there are more partners on their way.

Now you find Twingly at TV8 too

The Swedish TV-channels TV3 and TV6 launched Twingly this May, and they have now been followed by their sister channel TV8. As well as other broadcasters like SVT, Kanal5, TV2, the British BBC etc, they use Twingly to reflect which TV-shows that are talked about in the blogosphere.

TV8 is a part of Modern Times Group and their Viasat Broadcasting is the largest free-TV and satellite premium pay-TV operator in Scandinavia and the Baltics.

Project Shinobi Takes Exciting First Baby Steps in Internal Pre-Alpha Release

Project Shinobi is running on schedule, as proved by the milestone met this week to get to an internal pre-alpha release.

The first look at the current results of the project was met with cheers in the internal Skype chat we use for keeping the entire team in the loop when geographically dispersed. It is awe-inspiring to see the first step taken towards the public release on October 1st. Especially since the pre-alpha consists a proof-of-concept for the technically challenging parts of the project (pending stress-tests). It also provides the opportunity to evaluate the usability concepts we have been developing step by step during the past one and a half years.

Here is a snippet from our internal Skype chat (in Swedish), to provide some insight into how the pre-alpha release was recieved internally. Needless to say, we’re pretty excited about this project!


Skype chat

Image credit for the artwork at the top goes to Julia Källström, my three year old daughter, who earlier this summer entirely by coincidence was drawing figures looking suspiciously much like ninjas.

Summer of ’09

It’s a very nice summer here in Sweden with a lot of sun and fun, even for us at Twingly. We’ve been working hard with Project Shinobi lately but from today most of us are having a well-needed summer vacation.

But not all of us (Mattias and I will be available at the office whole summer) and definitely not our partner list!

From today the Swedish Church, Svenska Kyrkan, is having a Twingly widget on their campaign site “Hela Världen“. So if you’re blogging about their campaign site or mentioning it in a blog post, it will appear in the widget.

Västerbottens-Kuriren getting Twingly to the North

The local newspaper Västerbottens-Kuriren starting to link back to blogs with Twingly Blogstream from today! They’re also giving their own blog portal a face lift, which looks really nice.

It is also nice to see local newspapers working more and more with social media. We’ve been working with a lot of local newspapers in the South of Sweden for a long time now (Sydsvenskan, HD, Ystads Allehanda etc) but not in the North, so we’re very happy to welcome Västerbottens-Kuriren to our list of partners.

Happy blogging, Västerbotten!