BBC is the latest addition to cover the real time web with Twingly

The British broadcaster BBC is the latest addition of media companies that track real time social media with the help of Twingly. Together with Yahoo and Nielsen, Twingly provides BBC with data for a prototype of their new service, Shownar that launched today at

By helping more than 100 customers with their relation to social media, Twingly has become one of the greatest players in offering real time information in Europe. This is once again proven through the co-operation with BBC and Shownar.

Shownar monitors activity around BBC programmes on the web, and works out which are gaining the most attention. It highlights those gems in the schedules that others have not only watched, but are talking about, and then points you in the direction of those discussions on the web. Twingly provides data from Twitter-like services to help monitor these discussions. You can read more about Shownar at the BBC Internet blog.

With BBC being such a progressive force online, it is great for Twingly to be a part of the frontline for their new services. We are excited to see if Shownar can lead the way in taking the pulse on realtime discussions about TV-programmes.

Participants of Reboot11 catching air

Here is a compilation of jumping people shot at Reboot11 conference June 25-26, 2009.

Notice how happy people get just by jumping! And you get happy just by watching people being happy. Share forward with tag #reboot11.

Music is “Once You Used To” by Gentle Touch, big thanks to Martin Thörnqvist at Songs I wish I had written for allowing us to use it. Check out for lots of cool music and vids!

“Whatever you want, just make it happen” was the spirit of Reboot 11 that got me to shoot the video. Go to for more info on the conference.

See you at Reboot12!

Martin Källström
CEO Twingly

Announcement: Twingly to launch Project Shinobi on October 1st, 2009

We are very excited to announce today that on October 1st, 2009 Twingly is going to launch what will become the next great platform for social media.

project-shinobiThe Realtime Web has claimed the throne as successor of Web 2.0 and the world is blogging and Tweeting and Facebooking to their hearts’ content. Interesting content deserving your attention might be only seconds or minutes old, and yesterday’s news is since long gone.

In social media, newly published content travels to you propelled by it’s own interestingness and quality. People around you find different ways to say “this is interesting!” and the choice of people you listen to decides what news will reach you and when. Often, you ignore what is coming through. But whenever you spend a few minutes on a new piece of information, you have made a decision based on which people you know already have spent time on it and their subsequent reactions. In the realtime web, this process is ever faster, increasing the freshness and quality of news ending up before your eyes.

On October 1st, 2009, Twingly will join the ranks of web services working together to improve your experience of social and traditional media. With Project Shinobi, we are aiming to provide a more social, more relevant and more realtime experience, integrating with the services you already use. Not only for people that are early adopters of social media, but accessible and immediately valuable for anyone.

Project Shinobi is underway. Stay tuned. starts using Twingly Data

Our latest data customer is, a Spanish online media monitoring company, that now uses Twingly data to monitoring the blogosphere. As a subscriber of their monitoring tool you can search for keywords or your own brand name in either news, blogs, press releases or so-called official bulletins. A big number of filter possibilities and further functionalities is available.

Anyone interested can apply for a 15-day-trial on their website and test it to the heart’s content. A nice new and useful toy not only for analysts, marketeers or PR-bureaus it seems.

This is what the result page for “Show me all blogs that wrote in English about Bing today/yesterday” on our test account looks like:


Trade Union Centre joins the Twinglysphere

We are happy to welcome The Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees (TCO) as the first trade union centre to apply Twingly in their communication. They will at each article in their newspaper online, TCO-tidningen, link back to bloggers that link to them.

They are the second biggest trade union confederation in Sweden with 1.2 million employees in their affiliated trade unions. With Twingly they pioneer as a trade union in becoming transparent in their online communication.

Click here to find a sample of how it looks like at TCO-tidningen (under the article).