Swedish political party Folkpartiet launches Twingly to prepare for the election

Elections to the parliament of the European Union are coming up and the parties are getting ready to get down to business. The Campaign site for the Swedish political party Folkpartiet has chosen to use Twingly to open up their website to reflact the debate.

If you take part in discussing the election, make sure to link to http://euval.folkpartiet.se in order to get attention from their visitors! They are currently showcasing the blog links on their blog at http://euval.folkpartiet.se/blog.

We are very happy to have Folkpartiet as customers and are looking forward to see the debate heat up in the blogosphere before the upcoming election!

Wirtschaftswoche and Junge Karriere Online now Twinglyfied

The online portals of Wirtschaftswoche and Junge Karriere of Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt use since today Twingly Blogstream. We are extremely happy about the fact that they decided to follow Handelsblatt’s online strategy. Handelsblatt.com was the first German language site to take the plunge into the cold waters on the German market and use Blogstream. Their courage paid off. Not only did they get national and international attention. As blogged earlier, they are also extremely happy with the results – and we are simply very glad that they gave us the chance to prove that Twingly works not only for Scandinavian and other European sites, but also for German language ones.

The German language blogosphere after all is quite big, not only in the Twingly blog index. Right now we register 526.000 unique German language blogs. That puts German in the 7th place among all languages that we have available. English stands for the biggest part of our index with as of today 16,5 million unique blogs, followed by the Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French and Italian ones.

Anyway, we are very confident that Blogstream will support WiWo’s and Karriere’s online strategy in the same positive way as it did with Handelsblatt – and we really look forward to continue this great partnership!


(P.S.: Stay tuned, as things are right now, there might be some more good news on the German market coming very shortly. 😉  )

Twingly Celebrating Three Years of Happy Social Media Indexing

Today is a happy day, we’re celebrating that three years have passed since the conception of Twingly. Not every step along the way has been easy, but overall we’re humbled and awed by the results of our efforts during the first three years.

The story so far
We were four people that started out three years ago today, with a mission to create a strong synergy between mainstream media and the blogosphere. We bootstrapped for 1½ years, then raised 1M Euros of working capital. Our first customers over two years ago ago were the major morning dailies in Sweden, DN.se and SvD.se. The jury is still out on which of them that launched Twingly first in February 2007, but in any case their adoption of Twingly was percieved as nothing less than a revolution for the Swedish blogosphere.

A year ago came the next milestone in the development of our company when we launched Twingly.com as the first spam-free blog search engine in the world. Closed beta launch was in the beginning of April and public launch was 12 of June 2008. As the blog search engine rolled out the doors we started working on indexing microblogs to complete our vision of indexing the entire realtime web. Twitter was growing but was nowhere near the dimensions we see today. Google decided to buy Jaiku, all but killing it in the process.

While the financial world came tumbling down during the fall of 2008 we worked harder than ever on sales, narrowing our focus geographically but broadening it to new market segments, bringing in several e-commerce customers that we are very happy to work with today.

The launch of the federated Microblog Search Engine at Twingly.com timed exactly with the global Twitter boom of January 2009. The search engine is still in it’s infancy but have a very promising outlook for the future, as we are incorporating more services and building business applications on top of it.

All along the way we have met and surpassed our own expectations. We are now a team of ten people serving over 300 million widget views monthly to 75 major media and e-commerce web sites in 10 countries around Europe.

Looking forward
As Twingly now turn three years old we have just last week started out the most challenging development project we have undertaken so far, the results of which will be made public during the fall of 2009. The project will take Twingly.com in a whole new direction, allowing us to provide a much more engaging experience for our users as well as providing our customers with new opportunites.

Another big milestone we aim to hit during the fall is to get to a positive monthly cashflow, which is a great measure of success for any company. We are very proud to have been working diligently with building a sustainable company from day one and not just becoming good at raising more money when needed.

Thank you!
The entire team at Twingly would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all the great people and companies that we have the pleasure and honor to meet and work with in our daily business. To all the users and customers of Twingly, thanks for all the great feedback we recieve every day. Come see us at the office! There should still be some of that delicious cake left.

I would personally also like to thank my team for the incredible effort you put into Twingly. In three years I have never left the office without knowing that we all did our best that day, and that’s everything I can ever ask for. Keep up the good work.

Björn pouring champagne
Björn pouring champagne

New servers and some delays on Twingly.com

Today we’re moving our data to new and better servers. This is done in order to handle the rapidly increasing amounts of data we’re gathering.

Unfortunately this will mean that the search engine on Twingly.com will not be updated for several hours today, which means that during this period new posts will not be searchable. Also, the manual ping will be affected, pings that are performed automatically will work. Our plan is to complete the move towards the evening.

Twingly links to newspapers and websites will NOT be affected by this, so given that you ping us automatically everything should work as usually. Thanks for your patience!

UPDATE 18:15
Our search index is being updated at the moment, new blog posts are starting to get searchable again. At the moment our system is handling the queue that have been built up during the hours we performed the move, this will cause a bit of a delay until new blog posts will be visible in our search. Bear with us, everything will be back no normal quite soon