Wirtschaftswoche and Junge Karriere Online now Twinglyfied

The online portals of Wirtschaftswoche and Junge Karriere of Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt use since today Twingly Blogstream. We are extremely happy about the fact that they decided to follow Handelsblatt’s online strategy. Handelsblatt.com was the first German language site to take the plunge into the cold waters on the German market and use Blogstream. Their courage paid off. Not only did they get national and international attention. As blogged earlier, they are also extremely happy with the results – and we are simply very glad that they gave us the chance to prove that Twingly works not only for Scandinavian and other European sites, but also for German language ones.

The German language blogosphere after all is quite big, not only in the Twingly blog index. Right now we register 526.000 unique German language blogs. That puts German in the 7th place among all languages that we have available. English stands for the biggest part of our index with as of today 16,5 million unique blogs, followed by the Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French and Italian ones.

Anyway, we are very confident that Blogstream will support WiWo’s and Karriere’s online strategy in the same positive way as it did with Handelsblatt – and we really look forward to continue this great partnership!


(P.S.: Stay tuned, as things are right now, there might be some more good news on the German market coming very shortly. 😉  )

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