FOCUS-ing on blogs

The online portal of FOCUS, Germany’s second largest weekly news magazine, now shows links of bloggers that refer to their content.

We are delighted that the internationally renown flagship of Hubert Burda Media now integrates Twingly Blogstream , that way they would like to involve users and bloggers even closer with their offer online.

FOCUS got launched first on the 18th of January 1993 as a challenger to SPIEGEL and despite all odds – succeeded! Many tried before to get into that position and failed, however Focus’ concept proved to be successful and continued to do so over the last sixteen years. Despite ups and downs in economy and world politics it stands strong and keeps on tickling Germany’s media landscape with its innovative concepts – the latest of which probably being one of the first German media sites online that give it a try with integrating feedback from external bloggers with their content.

We are very confident that it proves to be a viable concept to them, too, and really look forward to supporting them in their further steps to come.

Anyway, always remember to – FOCUS. Not only when blogging ;).

Swedish West Coast Bloggers excited to see Göteborgs-Posten Twinglyfied!

We’re very happy to announce that Göteborgs-Posten started to use Twingly to show links back to bloggers since yesterday.

Twingly have been very much wanted on and we’ve gotten a lot of emails by bloggers who wanted to see the function there. We’re very happy that it has become true now.

And the response so far has been very positive.

As the loyal local newspaper reader I am, todays news about GP finally signed a deal with Twingly, was very exciting.” / “Som den trogna lokala tidningsläsare jag är, var dagens nyhet om att GP äntligen har fixat ett avtal med Twingly, oerhört glädjande.” – I huvudet på Pär Gustafsson

“GP have started to Twingle up themselves… and it’s sooo good. Not a day too late!” / “GP börjar twingla upp sig… och detta är såå bra. Inte en dag försent.” – Nemo

Others writing about the news: Signerat Kjellberg, Svensson, Claes Krantz and Göteborgs-Posten themselves.

Fredrikstad Blad first local newspaper in Norway to use Twingly

Norway is the 2nd largest market for us after Sweden and we’re growing really fast there! As part of Edda Media, the local newspaper for Fredrikstad has now started to use Twingly.

The other sites that are using Twingly in Norway either have national reach (like VG, Dagbladet, Tv2 etc) or they are niched magazines (,, etc). With Fredrikstad Blad we’re now moving into the market for local newspapers in Norway.

So Norwegian bloggers, take the opportunity to look outside the national newspapers and check out the blogable content of!

Twingly named “IT Challenger of The Year” in Sweden

Veckans Affärer IT-utmanareHot diggity dang! Swedish magazine Veckans Affärer (in english “Business Weekly”) this week announced their list of the 500 largest IT companies in Sweden. Twingly is not yet among them but in conjunction with the survey they awarded us the title IT Challenger of The Year (link to article in Swedish only).

Quoting from their article:

“Twingly has in a short time redrawn the map for how traditional media and web companies relate to bloggers and grass roots. Using the link as currency, Twingly ties togethers readers, bloggers and grass roots in a synergy that in the end generates direct income. At the foundation lies a technical know-how that holds a great promise for the future.”

Needless to say, we are very excited about the recognition. It is inspiring but also gives us valuable feedback that we are moving in the right direction.

It was great to have the reporter from Veckans Affärer to come visit us the same day we celebrated the anniversary of Twingly. Champagne is otherwise a rare sight at the Twingly office, the most common sign of celebration is a hoard of happy emoticons and thumbs-up sprouting up in the company-wide Skype chat and the occasional cake to accompany the customary afternoon cup of coffee.

For people reading this blog from outside of Sweden, I’d like to point to a bunch of other Swedish web startups that recently received well-deserved recognition from Red Herring in their 2009 survey of European startups. Search for “Sweden” inside the page. Twingly has never been very active in nominating itself to such awards, I guess we’ll have to remedy that. It is inspiring to be recognized.

From me and entire Twingly team, we want to extend our deepest gratitude to Veckans Affärer for naming Twingly IT Challenger of The Year! now 5th German site with Blogstream decided to integrate Twingly Blogstream as an essential part of their free publishing strategy. Kind of unnecessary to emphasize how glad we are that they chose us, isn’t it? 😉 has been online since February 2009 and it is really fascinating to see that, as small as they are, bloggers are discussing and referring to them on quite a high level. With their almost 180.000 unique users a month and being that young they already now get more bloggers engaged than some of the bigger traditional German newspapers online in comparison.

From today, is actively embracing bloggers by giving them the opportunity to show up right next to the context they discuss. see themselves as a big community that aims to engage readers, own and external bloggers and unite them into one big community, where people connect with each other and exchange their point of views. And it seems that the strategy works very well.

Almost a year ago got bought by Jakob Augstein, the son of the already deceased and famous Rudolf Augstein who founded Der Spiegel in 1947. Until today, Der Spiegel is one of the major German weekly news magazines. Like in the old days, it still influences opinion building significantly and is discussed controversly, not only by bloggers. In its early years Der Spiegel fought and achieved a lot for free press rights in Germany.

Looking at the development that Der Freitag – Das Meinungsmedium (“the opinion medium”) made during this one year under the guidance of Jakob Augstein and the strategy that he pursues, one could actually get the impression that the son steps a little bit into the shoes of his father and does it all again. A bit different of course and still a lot smaller, but now with all the mighty opportunities at his hand that our modern web world has to offer.

Therefore it will be very interesting not only for us to follow especially the development online of Der Freitag – Das Meinungsmedium over the years to come, and we really are proud to be part of it.


Travel site new customer

There’s a lot of new partners launching Twingly right now, as you might have noticed. We’re very happy about that and there’s more to come, be sure of that. Keep looking here in the blog and on Twitter where we will keep you updated.

Today it’s one of Swedens largest travel sites which is launching Twingly – So if you blog about travel in some way, give it a try! The widget is placed on their information pages for travel destinations, see for example the page for London.

Happy blogging!

Pursue Your Dreams and Literally Anything is Possible

One of my earliest childhood memories is from 1981, when I was six years old. I sat in the passenger seat of the moving truck when we rolled into the tiny village where my family were moving that day. My mother and stepdad moved us 431 kilometers with all our belongings to pursue their dream of starting a small farm together, sustaining our family entirely from the land.

Being six years old, it didn’t cross my mind what a challenge it must have been for them, moving with small kids far away from friends, relatives and full-time employment. Come to think of it, they were younger then than I am now.

My parents were true entrepreneurs long before I even had a notion of the word.

It took me more than 20 years to become fully aware of the firm belief them taking that daring step has produced in me:

Pursue your dreams and literally anything is possible.

This is not something my parents have ever made a concious effort to teach me, yet it is what I learnt is true simply by being brought up in their care. To whom do we owe the duty to pursue our dreams? I would say to none other than our children, so that they as well may grow up to be people not constraining their lives by the fear of the unknown.

I was reminded of the above when I saw this inspiring video, made by the people at Watch it full screen, I embedded the HD version. And spread it around! new Portuguese partner

The only two weeks old news site launched Twingly Blogstream on their site yesterday (Google Translate). They’re our second customer in Portugal after that have been using Twingly since last year. already got a lot of blogs linking to their site, despite the fact that they only have been online for such a short time. It is promising for the future! With Twingly they could probably get even more attention from the very active Portuguese blogosphere.