Twingly arrives in Germany is starting to link back to blogs!

Germany, the home turf of Herr Johann Gutenberg at the time when he ushered in the era of the modern newspaper by inventing the printing press in 1477, has today one of Europe’s largest and most active blogospheres.

We are very happy to announce today that, which to people not familiar with German media can be described as the Financial Times of the German-speaking world, is starting to link back to blogs using Twingly.

The Twingly Blogstream widget is placed in the right column on all article pages at (here’s an example), and any blog can appear within minutes by linking directly to the article and pinging Twingly.

Handelsblatt are showing a strong commitment in opening up to blogs, and we hope it will be the first step towards a very prosperous symbioses between blogs and media in Germany.

Questions or help with pinging Twingly can be sent to, while Thomas Knüwer at Handelsblatt is happy to answer any questions on Twitter.

Some response from german bloggers: Medienlese (translation), 50hz (translation), 72dpiClub (translation) and Open Source PR (translation).

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