Twingly Report about the FRA Debate

This summer the Swedish political blogosphere has been in flames over a law proposal allowing a civil organization to monitor all Internet traffic crossing Swedish borders, with the purpose to fight terrorism and organized crime.

Twingly has surveyed the debate and discussions in the blogosphere about the political process. In the published report we present our findings and conclusions.

Twingly FRA Report Twingly FRA Report (PDF)

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The report was commissioned by the Swedish Social Democratic party.

Update: Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet writes about the report. SvD writes about our finding that as much as 19% of articles in traditional media covering the debate and proceedings around the FRA law between May 27th and June 27th also referred to blogs in one way or another. This figure is well above what has been found in other cases and shows that Swedish bloggers had a large influence on the debate.

These figures are available in the accompanying media coverage report from Greenhill Relations.

FRA-Debatt Greenhill Relations

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Annika Lidne from Disruptivemedia recorded the event via Bambuser

Bloggers like Spiegel

We have dived into the German blogosphere this week – first and foremost by participating at the OMD, Online Marketing Düsseldorf, but also by doing some research and figure counting. The Düsseldorf-adventures will be shared with you later on, but this we can tell you about the interaction between bloggers and the German media sites:

Among German media sites, Spiegel is the most linked one by both German and international bloggers.

We’ve gone through figures for this summer (June to August 2008) to see which media web sites German bloggers link the most to. As it turns out, our German friends are well-informed news readers, like most of us bloggers. The Twingly listing shows that big newspapers Spiegel, Die Welt and Süeddeutsche Zeitung make Top Three . They are followed by other daily and weekly news papers with one exception: IT-magazine Heise is ranked number four.

Spiegel and Bild get the highest rate of international linking. These sites are also available in English, which of course helps to attract the international blogosphere.

See the top list and read our press release in German. linking back to blogs using Twingly

The Swedish fashion magazine Cosmopolitan has started to link back to blogs referring to their articles, by using Twingly. Since earlier, both fashion magazine and the webshop is using Twingly Blogstream.

Fashion is one of the biggest topics in the Swedish blogosphere and that’s why it’s really nice to have three highly relevant Twingly Partners within fashion.

More info (Swedish):

The future of Blog Reading is Personalized Conversation Tracking

Twingly is a search engine for blogs. Search is the most common tool for combatting information overflow, but we are also working on providing a personalized experience and tools emphazising discovery rather than search.

RSS readers provide updates for groups of blogs in a very streamlined fashion. Most readers use a form of interaction similar to how we read email, with an inbox and folders providing to organization and focus.

The problem of information overflow exists in both environments. As the volume of incoming messages climb, each message takes on less and less value to the user. The effort required to sift through the stream of information seems to be exponential to the number of unread messages.

RSS readers suffers from more irregular use than email clients. In periods of high activity, the user adds lots of blogs in order to always have something interesting to read. In a period of less activity this accumulates quickly into infobesity.

While email clients such as GMail group individual messages into conversations to combat information overflow, this has not been seen in RSS readers. Instead, memetrackers such as and the Swedish has been very useful to provide an overview of what blogs are talking about.

Twingly will be able to provide you with the same overview of the conversations going on in the blogosphere, but based on a selection of blogs that you care about. You will always find anything interesting to read without the threat of being overrun by thousands of unread blog posts.

Dagens PS new Twingly Partner

Swedish business news site Dagens PS launched their new site today with a redesign and features like news search, forum and of course – Twingly Blogstream! We’re excited about this and really hope it’ll be a success. Dagens PS will also include our top list with most linked articles on their front page.

With the addition of Dagens PS we now have three Swedish business news sites that have chosen Twingly for linking back to blogs. The other two are Affärsvärlden and Veckans Affärer.