Free seminar about the blogosphere and the Swedish signal intelligence law

During the spring and summer, the Swedish political discussion have all been about the, so called “FRA Law“. A law that regulates the military signal intelligence of international Internet traffic. The blogosphere has been very active, which led to high media attention and a last minute change in the government bill that was passed.

We’ve made an analysis over the discussion in the blogosphere and is going to present this under a seminar hosted by the political party the social democrats.

It’s for free but there’s a limit of how many, so if you want the analysis and listen to Twingly CEO Martin Källström and Matti Palm, PR consultant at Greenhill Relations, please send an email to Kristian Krassman (kristian.krassman at riksdagen dot se).

Date: Thursday 18 sep
Time: 18.00 – 19.30
Place: Bååtska rummet, Munkbroleden 17, 8 tr, Stockholm

Largest Norwegian media site launches Twingly Blogstream

Woho! We’re delighted to announce that the largest website in Norway VG Nett launched Twingly Blogstream on their site today. They have more than 2.5 million unique visitors each week.

Rene Svendsen, managing editor at VG Nett, explains why the newspaper chooses to publish blog links on their web site:

“We believe that the articles on VG Nett enriches by showing links to good blog posts on same topic that the article deal with. There are many clever bloggers out there and we wish to give them more attention”

Now we have the two largest Norwegian newspapers as partners. Norway feels like a really good market for us at Twingly. Blogs understand how our service works and both and like it from their side too. From our Swedish experience, we also learnt that it is beneficial for all parties when two of the largest media sites within a country starts using Twingly. The bloggers learn how to use Twingly and can link to different sources. Therefore the linking increases in general and both the newspapers and the bloggers benefits from it.

Extreme spam-free index makeover

Earlier this year we launched our spam-free blog search. Our algorithm for removing spam works amazingly well, while there still is a limited influx of spam but we can remove it very easily. Overall we have a very low level of spammy content.

Since launch we have improved the algorithm in numerous ways and now we are resetting the index to start over from scratch with the improvements in place. This means that for a period of time the spam-free index will be quite empty. It could take up to a couple of weeks before we hit the same numbers of approved blogs as before, so please be patient!

From then on, the index will grow to contain many more blogs than before. Approaching on the horizon is the point where the spam-free index provides enough coverage to make it the only available option for searching. The remake is one step closer to the end of the beta stage for the spam-free index.

If your blog was approved before it will “probably” be approved to the spam-free index in this update as well. Fact is, we’re going to index a lot more blogs this time so it’s a higher chance you’ll be approved. You can see if your blog is approved in your blog profile. If not, let us know!

“Night of the Bloggers” on OMD in Düsseldorf, Germany

As a run up to an OMD ’08 full of fun and great business (one does not exclude the other to our experience) we are very proud to be the sponsor of THE special night for bloggers and those who want to meet bloggers on the night before the actual fair.

Where? Düsseldorf – Bar Konvex Oberbilker Allee 26a 40215 Düsseldorf
When? 16th of September (Tuesday night) from 7.00pm
What? Nice and relaxed catch up over a couple of pints

We will definitely be there and are excited to meet YOU! “We” – that is Anton and Anja. Oh yes – there is a good opportunity to practise talking English with Anton and exchanging views and about the blogosphere, so that way we aim for truely adding to the increasing international character of the OMD.

As the venue we aim for might not take much more than around 100 people, please let us know if you intend to come round by leaving a comment here or on the OMD blogpost or simply email to Djure who is kindly organising the event together with Mario Sixtus.

Looking forward to see you around! 🙂

P.S.: More about this in German language you can find here and here.