Hi bloggers, this is how Twingly Blogstream works!

1. You write a blog post
containing a link to an article on our partners website that’s related to your blog post. Remember: If you don’t make a real link to the specific article, we can’t find it!

2. You ping us. Many blog platforms can ping us automatically, otherwise fill in your blogs front page url here.

3. Pong! Our system look at your post and say “Nice! Let’s give it to our partner!” (Psst.. this is not the real servers, they’re in a safe server park… somewhere)

4. We automatically put a link to your blog post in the Twingly Blogstream-widget on the article you’ve linked to.

5. Woho! Your blog gets tons of attention and visitors!

Good to know: People can and may report spam or abuse which moderators at the partner could check out. If they find it is OK, they let it be but if they think it’s spam or similar – they ban the post. They can also ban the whole blog. So behave!

Demo of Twingly Blogoscope: Visual blog search

Today the Summer of Code team finished the demo of Twingly Blogscope, which will be Twinglys new visual blog search. I’m very happy with what they have accomplished, it has been awesome to see them grow into a well-functioning team over the course of just six week.

The demo lacks real-world data, with a full hierarchy of several hundred thousands or millions of blogs in place this is going to be huge.

Have a look at the video: