Lindex our first e-commerce partner

Our partners have so far been newspapers and magazines but also a political party and a wiki. Today we can proudly announce a total new segment when our new customer Lindex, one of the leading fashion chains in northern Europe, becomes our first e-commerce partner on their web shop

This is great in many ways. We think that e-commerce can get a lot of attention from the blogosphere if they do it right (Twingly!) and blogs can get traffic from new sources when they for example review a new product. The online consumers at also get great information about the product they are considering buying. Bloggers and consumers meet in a new context.

The fact that a company like Lindex integrates blog comments on their web shop makes them a pioneer. It shows that they put a lot of trust into the quality of their own products and their clients, either they are bloggers or not.

Lindex is a perfect first partner also because fashion is a huge topic in the Swedish blogosphere.

Twingly Server Meltdown Hour Starts Now!

Dear Twingly beta tester,

Twingly Server Meltdown Hour starts now, 6-7 PM GMT (10-11 AM in San Francisco, 19:00-20:00 in Stockholm). Please take your time to log in to and make as many searches as you can.

Please report your experience to

Other ways of contacting us: Twitter @twingly, befriend Skype user “twingly” or send an email to!

Join us on Twingly Server Meltdown Hour (Thursday @6PM GMT)

Our public launch is closing in, but we need to test Twingly to the max. On Thursday May 22nd at 6-7 PM GMT (10-11 AM in San Francisco, 19:00-20:00 in Stockholm) thousands of beta testers will join forces to bring the Twingly servers to their knees.

If you want to participate and don’t have beta access, submit an invitation request at and we’ll hook you up with a beta account!

Before, during and after Twingly Server Meltdown Hour you can connect with other users and our tech team by Twittering to @Twingly or becoming a friend with Skype user Twingly. We’ll set up a Skype chat.


– We still love your input on the Twingly Tech Plan
– After participating, please share your experience at

    Ping service failure spoils beautiful weekend weather

    A gradual loss of function during Saturday evening turned into a complete failure of service on our Ping server at 5 am this morning. Indexing came to a grinding halt, immediately starting to build a huge backlog of pings. Our engineers worked through the problem and reconfigured the malfunctioning MySQL to not use as much memory on the server.

    All in all, the backlog was not processed until some time after lunch. If you are missing any post in our index, please re-ping and get back to us if it still doesnt appear.

    Big sorry to all bloggers who were the victims of the failure. We screwed up. Big thanks to Bjorn, Oskar and Niclas who made the fixer-upper thingies, shunning the warmth of the Swedish Sunday sun to solve tedious database troubles. You rock!

    The magazine Sköna hem new Twingly Partner

    The Swedish magazine Sköna hem is our latest Twingly Partner and the first in the nisch “design, decoration and home”. Design, decoration and home is a quite big part of in the Swedish blogosphere and hopefully Sköna hem could give the blogs in that segment a wider audience with Twingly. – Sköna hem länkar till inredningsbloggar” (swedish)

    New feature in the Twinglywidget give attention to more blogs

    We have improved the Twinglywidget with a new filter that give more blogs attention from our partners. The filter is made so every blog can get only one link from each article. The latest relevant blog post from each blog is shown.

    This brings attention to a larger number of blogs, but also deals with a previous error in the widget where the same blog post could happen to be shown duplicate times if it had been published under more than one URL. It also hinders some forms of abuse.

    We would like to hear your opinion, leave a comment or trackback!

    European newspapers makes April record month in number of widget pageviews

    Amazon reports that they served 1.8TB of data to Twingly widget viewers during April, up from 1.0TB in March. The heavy increase is due to several new newspapers around Europe starting to use Twingly to link back to blogs.

    The data volume corresponds to about 180M views of the Twingly widget. The volume is bound to increase further as we add more newspapers to our partner list.

    Our monthly Amazon S3 bill is now up to $1,447.45.