Blogs influence consumer behavior a lot

A new Swedish survey with blog readers on 33 blogs indicate that blogs influence their readers consumer behavior a lot. 58 procent of the blog readers have after a tip in a blog actually purchased the product later, but so much as 42 procent of them think that advertising reduce the trustworthiness of a blog. Another interesting statistic from the survey is that only 12 procent read blogs on their cell phones.

How weight the trustworthiness of a blog when it’s advertising on it?
Negativ trust – 42 %
Nothing, same trust – 42%
Positiv trust – 6%

Source: Internetworld

Help us with our tech plan

Which feature do you wanna see next? We have a lot of ideas and new cool features in the pipe but it’s quite hard to decide which we should focus on. That’s why we have an open tech plan so we could get some help from our beta users! Vote, suggest and comment on the features. Help us decide the future of Twingly!

We can’t guarantee that we devoloping any of the ideas or when we do it, but we really look at them for real. And we love feedback and ideas so please throw them on us! If you don’t have access to the beta, sign up or send an email to

We love Amsterdam

Parallelly with our launch last week Martin and I (Anton) exhibited The Next Web in Amsterdam, one of Europes coolest web 2.0-conferences. With speakers like Robert Scoble, Kevin Rose and Chris Saad it was awesome. A lot of interesting people, talks, startups (like Twingly!) and Diggnation broadcasted direct from the scene. We are definitely happy with The Next Web visit. See you next year!

Tending to our trip to Amsterdam De Telegraaf, a large newspaper in the Netherlands, have launched Twingly on their site! They have one of the better implementations of the widget (if you ask me) and the blogosphere in Netherland seems to be pretty happy with it!

From Amsterdam with love 🙂


Some pictures from The Next Web (you’ll find many more here):

Photo: ©Pieter Baert

Photo: Anne Helmond

Photo: Charles NouĂżrit

We’re launching in private beta

Today we launch a next-generation blog search engine at Participate in the invite-only beta by getting invited or signing up at So what’s cool with the new

Spam free, social search
Twingly takes a zero-spam approach to blog search using an algorithmically expanding white list instead of the traditional blacklist. Powerful moderation tools allows us to win the fight against spam by one-click removal of clusters of tens of thousands of spam blogs. Fat tail manual moderation yields quality input to long tail algorithmic filtering.

Social search features allows users to share quality content with each other and the community as a whole.

Powerful search language and tech plan Digg

Twingly provides the world’s most powerful search language for blogs, where search filters can be combined in new ways.

But we’re not done by far! Participate in voting on our tech plan by signing up for the beta. JSON api? OPML import or APML export? Help us decide what’s next!

Techcrunch post is here and Techcrunch UK here.

Spanish La Vanguardia goes Twingly

Europe, here we come! Another European newspaper have going live with Twingly Blogstream. This time is it the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia that started to use our widget to link back to blogs from their articles.

Since last week they’ve got it on the site and the response after the article about it have been really good. The Spanish blogosphere seems to be delighted with the feature and we are happier than ever!

Gracias, amigos!

First political party to use Twingly Blogstream

Centerpartiet, one of four parties in the alliance government in Sweden, is the first political party to use Twingly for linking back to blogs. With Twingly they hope to be more open and continue having a good discussion with the blogosphere. The political blogosphere is very active in Sweden and many of the most influential bloggers are active political debaters.

We’ve already given the Swedish bloggers more attention with Twingly Blogstream on many of Sweden’s largest newspapers but with as Twingly Partner we hope it can be a new sort of hub for discussions about politics.

Since last year, the party leader for Centerpartiet Maud Olofsson also have her own blog where she publish photos.