We are Techcrunched!

OMG, we’ve been Techcrunched! Martin met Michael Arrington at the DLD conference this week and now there is a post about Twingly!

The post also contains some new information about the future of Twingly: Except the screenshot (see below) is there also an explanation how we gonna make our blog search engine spam-free!

Can you imagine a spam-free blog search engine? I promise we can, even though it’s quite hard to develop!

The search engine will be different from others, Källström says, in that it will be almost 100% spam free. How are they doing that? Instead of trying to index every blog in existence and then removing spam via black lists and other methods, they are limiting the blogs they monitor to those that are proven to be legitimate. They started with a small list of known blogs, and then spidered out from there based on links to other blogs. The assumption, which is fairly sound, is that good/real blogs will not link to spam blogs. The end result is a white list of real blogs that are indexed – everything else is ignored.


Martins transcription from the panel that discussed Humans Interupting Algorithms at the DLD conference was also published here. Martin, you rule! Links from both Read/WriteWeb and Techcrunch same week.