10 popular Twingly Channels you shouldn’t miss.

Three month ago we explained you in detail how to start your own Channel in our social news reader Twingly Channels. And last week we introduced Twingly Channels as an evolution of the basic, unsocial RSS Reader. But the best way to get started with Channels is probably to subscribe to some of our most popular Channels, so that you can get a feel of the service. We are sure that after some testing you will want to create your own Channel. And that’s totally fine with us!

So from our top 100 list of most subscribed Channels, here are 10 that you really should not miss. They are filled with great, up-to-date content and will help you to get your daily dose of information and news about the topics you are interested in.

Tech Web
This is our most popular Channel with almost 3000 subscribers, dealing with the broad and exciting sector of web technology. The Channel imports articles from 188 blogs and news sources focusing solely on web and technology news and analysis. And as in all Channels it is up to you if you want to use the “Top stories” view that puts those pieces on top that have led to most reactions in the blogosphere and Twitter world, or if you want to see the stream of all incoming articles in chronological order. http://www.twingly.com/tech

Social Media News
If you are reading the Twingly blog there is a big chance that you are interested in Social Media. In this case you should really check out Social Media News, which presents you with the latest trends and news about what’s going on in the vibrating field between media, Internet, pr and marketing. The Channel contains 30 sources, from Mashable to PR 2.0, from Social Media Today to Social Times. http://www.twingly.com/socialmedianews

For all the Apple fanboys there is a dedicated Channel. A fine selection of 12 well-informed and Apple enthusiastic sources will help you to stay informed about rumours, product launches and Steve Jobs’ latest email replies. http://www.twingly.com/apple

There is an (until now) unwritten rule: If you serve Apple fanboys, you also need to serve Android fanboys. Fortunately, we don’t need to break this rule because we have a dedicated Android Channel. Its being fed regularly with the latest Android coverage by 6 well-renowned sources only focusing on the increasingly popular mobile OS. Subscribe now if you love your Android smartphone! http://www.twingly.com/android

Yes, there are other important things besides the tech, web and mobile world: Such as sneakers. If you are a sneaker addict you definitely should take a peak at the Sneaker Channel, providing you with everything you need to know about your favourite kind of shoe, based on 8 selected sources and search term-based content from the global blogosphere. http://www.twingly.com/sneakers

You might have heard about those people who like to read all the gossip about celebrities, and you might also have heard that there are dozens of blogs and news sites out there dedicated to this. Well, for them there is a Twingly Channel, and in fact it is one of our most subscribed Channels. 136 connected sources make sure that you always know what the likes of Linsday Lohan, Lady Gaga and Kanye West are up to there days! http://www.twingly.com/entertainment

Music Industry
The entertainment and music biz is not only about glamour, parties and fashion. The Music industry is changing rapidly, trying to manage the shift to digital music, and dealing with new challenges and chances. This Channel with 30 sources included gives you an overview about the state of the discussion, both from the artists and the technology perspective. http://www.twingly.com/musicindustry

Cloud Computing
Computing is moving into the Server Cloud, removing the need for users to run Software locally on their machines. Cloud Computing is one of the hottest trends in IT right now and defines the direction of the web. This Channel is the one and only destination IT professionals and private users interested in Cloud Computing need. http://www.twingly.com/cloudcomputing

In a far future, we maybe will shake hands with robots when going to work or walking into a store. So it can be a good decision to start informing yourself a bit about our future colleagues and neighbours made by steel and electronic components. And yes, there is a Twingly Channel for that, importing feeds from 6 robot “fan sites ” and content from the blogosphere based on robot-related keywords. Go and check it out! http://www.twingly.com/robots

Everybody who runs a website or blog wants to get a good search engine ranking. Some users and webmasters put a lot of effort in finding the best ways to do search engine optimization (SEO). This Twingly Channel aggregates the knowledge and best practices from 30 SEO-related news sites and blogs. If you are interested in this topic, you might want to subscribe to the Channel. http://www.twingly.com/seo

Here are more Channels that you can check out. And maybe you already realize that a Channel regarding your special area of interest or expertise is missing? Go and start your own Channel and let others join and collaborate.

/Martin Weigert

3 thoughts on “10 popular Twingly Channels you shouldn’t miss.

  1. Anja Rauch September 21, 2010 / 9:46 am

    Great article, Martin!

    Just want to add the Channel of UK’s Foreign Office where you can follow all blogs from their ambassadors around the world: http://www.twingly.com/fco

    The FCO blogs provide great first hand information about what’s going on in different countries, like i.e. the flooding in Pakistan or the opening of Nazi archives in Ukraine.

    This Channel therefore could be a great source for journalists, blogger and writers, too.

    Happy browsing and subscribing 🙂

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