Twingly Blog Search

For everybody working with marketing, brands and communication, it might be a good idea to occasionally check what’s being said about your products/services/brands in the blogosphere.

In an older blog post we explained how you can set up a handy system with Twingly to monitor the social web. What we didn’t go into detail back then were the advanced search methods you can apply to improve and finetune your search results. Today we want to show you exactly that.

Let’s imagine you are in charge for the marketing of a specific product and you want to get an overview about what bloggers write about that product.

Phase 1

The first step is of course to head to, to enter the name of your product (if it consist of several words, put them in brackets) and to press the “Search” button. The result is a list of all blog posts from the Twingly index that contain the name of your product. We provide you with several filters to sort the results, e.g. by date or number of incoming links, time period or language.

Phase 2

Now let’s say you want to get a more detailed impression about who is writing what. Enter our advanced search, which you can access through the link on the right side of the search bar, or directly by opening

The advanced search gives you a couple of specific filters which you can apply in advance, before you search, to narrow down the results. You can include and exclude words in your search, only search within specific blogs (for example only in “”) or search for all blog posts that link to a specific URL on your website (like a campaign page).

Depending on what you are looking for, the advanced search might give you a better picture of your product’s image and reputation among (specific) bloggers.

Advanced search

Advanced search

But that’s not everything the Twingly Blog Search can do for you.

Phase 3

By adding additional commands to your search query, you can go even more into detail and customize your search (actually, the advanced search described above is simply adding some of those commands automatically).

Using additional commands to narrow down your search

Using additional commands to narrow down your search

Here are some search commands that you might find useful for your own brand/product searches. You can always combine them with one or several search terms, like the name of your product/brand.
search for any blog post that links to any page on,
search for any blog post that links to both your website and the one of your competitor|
search for any blog post that links to either your website or the one of your competitor
search for blog posts on a specific domain|
search for blog posts on two specific domains

start-date:2011-02-14 end-date: 2011-07-13
search only for blog posts within a specific time range

We hope this helps you to understand where your brand/product stands among bloggers. But keep in mind: The more you narrow down your search, the less results you will get.